Success Stories: Alzbeta Danciova

3. 3. 2017

Owner and Director, EU-COMM

Please, tell us something about you. What post do you recently hold?

I am an owner and an executive director of my own company.

What does your company specialize in?

My company specializes in various activities, recently, we are predominantly specializing in managerial and marketing activities – development of marketing strategies; their implementation; marketing communication; and subsequent communication with clients.

How long have you been working for the company?

 I have been working here since its establishment in 2010.

Can You briefly describe your professional career path?

I started as 90 % of ordinary people. After my graduation, I worked 5 years as an employee, then I dared to become a small tradesman in services, and only later I succeeded in the expansion of my company and employed some employees.

What was the most interesting thing in your career?

I cannot certainly name just one post. I think, that every single post was specific; interesting; helpful; educational and enriched me in some way.

What is your biggest achievement/achievements in your career?

My biggest career achievement was, when I successfully started my business in an absolutely unknown field I didn’t know anything about. And, naturally, not only my beginnings but also successful running and development of my business. For me, it meant absolutely full retraining I found really hard at first.

What recent projects/important tasks are you facing now?

Recently, our team is made up of several companies and persons working on a big development project in the Eastern Slovakia. Each member of our team is responsible for his own task cooperating with others to create a project of spectacular, modern and the most efficient low-energy housing in Slovakia.

What do education and personal development mean to you? Why is further education so important to you?

We are living in a dynamic, developing and demanding world. A man who wants to stay and make it in today’s market must constantly educate himself, enrich his knowledge, skills, and abilities – what was true a few years ago, is now forgotten/outdated.

„You could choose from various subjects – everybody preferred subjects according to his/hers specialization. Nevertheless, everybody learned something applicable to his/her professional career and promotion.“

Why did you decide to further study? And why exactly at the LIGS University?

As I mentioned previously, if a man wants to succeed today, he must offer something more than others. He can only achieve it via self-education and self-development. Knowledge, you have once acquired, will always keep its value... And why at the LIGS University? Your staff was really helpful, prompt, and professional – from the very first touch and, therefore, helped me in choosing a university for my further studies. Finally, it is very important to have right contacts acquired during my studies at the LIGS University.

How do you find studies at the LIGS? How did it enrich you?

My study was based on its variedness. You could choose from various subjects – everybody preferred subjects according to his/hers specialization. Nevertheless, everybody learned something applicable to his/her professional career and promotion.

What subject do you find the most helpful one? Simply put, what did you enjoy the most?

I really enjoyed interactive classes, students and lecturers discussed and mutually shared their knowledge and experience obtained during the practice with one another. It was really interesting to experience various Personality Tests, simulated conversations, and teamwork.

Alzbeta Danciova, Owner and Director, EU-COMM

What knowledge you acquired during your studies were the most practical?

I mostly use knowledge from strategic management, marketing, and procedural management.

What do you find the toughest?

Since lack of time, it was really difficult to combine my personal life with work and studies.

What is your motto?

The most popular are following ones: ‘Live and let live.’ and ‘Dwelling in the past only blinds you to the future.’ And I try to follow them.

What is the aim in your life?

To maintain a balance and harmony in professional as well as in my personal life.

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