Success Stories: Mikulas Danci

2. 17. 2017


Please, tell us something about you. What post do you recently hold?

I am a proprietor of several companies and an executive director of some of them.

What do your companies specialize in?

 Recently, I occupy myself primarily in the company MADIP INVESTMENT, Ltd where I am a CEO responsible for a successful completion of the construction of an apartment complex. It is primarily focused on the development and partially in the investment in construction projects of residential and industrial buildings. Recently, our company is extending its developer activities via another portfolio (retail projects). I also run other companies but rather operationally.

How long have you been working for the company?

MADIP was established in 2010, since then it has been specializing only in the development and investment activities.

Can you briefly describe your professional career path?

Right after having served my military service I started my professional career in the machinery industry – just as any graduate (although in recent days it is a rarity!) But after three months of practice, I realized it is not my cup of tea. I tried to gain more information about the recent situation via various contacts/acquaintance or about any possibilities how to work abroad, but, again, it was not my cup of tea. Since I had worked abroad , I was approached by a domestic businessman to work as his personal driver and, in the end, I became his personal assistant. Back then, I realized I am fed-up, if I could work for someone else, why not to work on my own? That was the moment, when I decided to work for myself, by myself and for my family!

8. 3. 1996 I started my business as a sole trader in transport and tourism. Thanks to your question, I have now realized it’s just 20th anniversary of my business. My business expanded, grew and required the diversification of risks. So 7.5. 2004 I established my first Ltd company and later, 29. 11. 2007 I established my joint-stock company. Recently, I am an owner of several companies, I am a partner and an executive director of.

What were the most interesting posts/fields in your career? 

Since my very beginning, I worked in the tourism and building industry, so it is very hard to say, but, to be honest, it may be building industry. I am successful in this field and really enjoy it. It is very important to do, what you enjoy, only then you will be fulfilled.

What is your greatest achievement in your career?

I am not some kind of an official. I have always owned several companies and I appointed and employed my managers/directors myself. You may think a completion of construction of a building with 500 apartments is trivial, but for me, it is a piece of hard work. Experience, I have gained during previous construction of all apartments enriched me, and, back then, I could say it was one of my greatest success and an engine that drives me forward since I recently start another project.

What recent projects/important tasks are you facing now?

For example, a project of 187-apartment building or construction of 135 family houses and more than 100 medium standard apartments in the area of 140000m2 (14ha). I work on the first project independently, with my own team; simultaneously, I am a partner in the project of a company where I am responsible for the developer part.

Mikulas Danci - graduation ceremony

What do education and personal development mean to you? Why is further education so important to you?

Personally, I believe if someone wants to be an owner of the company, not just a manager, it is necessary to constantly educate himself. Otherwise, it is not possible to understand his managers – so it is very important to try to grasp them. Unless you do not understand them, you will never grasp them and from my point of view (not only as an employee but also as a business partner), it is one of the main reasons for employee turnover. And in such projects of my company, it is the worst thing that can happen – due to a further protraction of projects for several years.

Why did you decide to further study? And why exactly at the LIGS University?

It was my wife’s idea. We had enough time to decide whether to start my further studies and what university to choose – since it was Christmass time. So I began to choose an appropriate university for me. At first, I browsed the net to find some MBA program providers, later I contact them by phone. I prefer personal/at least, telephone conversation since it always reveals a lot of information. I must say, from the very beginnings, I preferred to study abroad , but I found your university in Bratislava and was really surprised I can study also in Prague. I also required personal contact, an executive form of studies, (not an online form) and your university was just planning to start a new Executive MBA group right in February.

“I personally appreciate new ways of project and process management as well as new ways of management. Finally, I appreciate making new contacts since business is recently about relations.“

How do you find the study at the LIGS? How did it enrich you?

I am really satisfied with the study itself as well as with your approach, thus, thanks to our class teacher, Mr. Marek Kittner, MSc, MBA I am recently negotiating with your school about my further studies of the Ph.D. program. Also, in this case, the most important for me is, whether the Ph.D. program will be in Online or an Executive form.

What subject/field of studies do you find the most contributive and interesting one? Simply put, what did you enjoy the most?

Since my recent post and field, I am mostly interested in the modules of the management/project management. Naturally, all the other models were helpful for my future career, but I was primarily interested in these two ones. So my final thesis was devoted to the process and project management.

 What knowledge you acquired during your studies were the most practical?

I personally appreciate new ways of project and process management as well as new ways of management . Finally, I really appreciate making new contacts since business is nowadays primarily about good relations.

And what was the toughest subject for you?

 Since the field I work in, I must say it’s economic factors. I also have a degree in economics, so I can honestly say that theory differs from the practice. So module of finances was different from other modules, not because it was the toughest one. I work in a field, where you must adopt an economical attitude absolutely different from the banking sector.

What is your motto?

“Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.“

What is the aim in your life?

To leave something valuable in the form of assets rather than liabilities – something contributive for future generations.

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