Success Stories: Pantelakis Philippou Panteli

3. 3. 2017

Demand and Supply Chain Manager, MSD Animal Health FZ-LLC

Can you tell us something about yourself? What do you do, what is your job, can you briefly describe your career path?

I consider myself as hardworking and carrier oriented individual. I joined MSD Animal Health as an Accountant in 2004. After a few years of cooperation with individual departments, I have decided to move to the Operations department and became the Supply Chain Manager. In addition, I am responsible for the sales and marketing of companion animals. In 2013, I’ve decided to move with my company from Cyprus to Dubai due to my future career development.

Why did you decide to study MBA program?

I realized having an MBA degree will help me advance my carrier. So I browsed on the web and chose LIGS University as the best option for attending a master’s degree. And to tell you the truth I have never regretted it! It was an awesome experience for me. Interactive studies, many activities and teaching aids were just a delicious icing on the cake.

“To tell you the truth I have never regret it. It was an awesome experience.Interactive studies, many activities and teaching aids were just a delicious icing on the cake.”

Now, after your graduation, do you think that it was a good decision?

Yes, by all means. It was an awesome experience. Interactive studies, many activities and teaching aids were just a delicious icing on the cake.

What have you learned during your studies?

Frankly, I learned a lot during my journey with the LIGS. The seminar papers were the best part of my studies. I enjoyed every seminar paper I prepared for the LIGS. The outcome is that I have improved my writing skills.

Did you apply something in your job/practice?

Yes. I applied the theory/models/case studies of my seminar papers in the areas of marketing, management, strategic management, accountings and communication. The knowledge I brought helped my company to improve in certain topics.

What course did you find most interesting and why?

I personally find all courses very interesting, but I would like to concetrade in the field of strategic management. It was a great experience for me to study about Key Accounts Management (KAM), the Ansoff Matrix, the BCG Matrix, the SWOT Analysis, the process of closing a sale and other related topics. In the end, I achieved a better understanding on the filed of strategic management. In addition, I also enjoyed interesting lectures on Accounting and Finance. The MBA studies were really tough but it helped me to enrich my knowledge.

What was the hardest part/course of the MBA program?

I would say that the program itself is very demanding, you know. The e-tests are really challenging. But it is worth it and I am sure it will help everyone to expand their knowledge and improve their business.

Why is it better to study simultaneously with Your career?

I think that in today’s competitive environment it is important to be well-educated. As a person, I believe in continous education. It is good to study parallel with you work becase you are able to understand the content of the courses better. Personaly, I apply what I ve learned during my studies in my work to streamline processes.

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