Welcome on board Gary D. Robinson, Ph.D. new LIGS University Provost and Vice-President

11. 2. 2018

On October 1st, 2018, Honolulu, Hawaii, US – LIGS University warmly welcomed Gary D. Robinson, Ph.D. as a new Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. “Gary Robinson has vast experience in Higher Education and in positions of leadership. We are happy to welcome him on board as our new colleague”, said Pavel Makovsky, President of LIGS University.

Gary RobinsonThe main responsibilities of new Provost and Vice President Dr. Gary D. Robinson are to provide leadership to all academic areas, so that they are aligned with the mission of the institution. He is an advocate for all academic programs, providing leadership to program chairs, faculty and academic staff to ensure consistent quality standards in curriculum and programs that meet the needs of students and accrediting bodies. The new provost oversees the academic integrity of the university and provides leadership in long-range planning; budgeting; curriculum; and program development. Gary will also ensure compliance with various accreditation agencies as well as state accreditation and regulation.



Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior, School of Management, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio.  


Native English Speaker, Bilingual in Spanish. Basic Portuguese and French. Studied Indonesian.


  • Chief Academic Officer and Provost, Learntura Vision, 
  • Adjunct Faculty, Capella University (mentor and reviewer PhD and DBA dissertations and participated in the [successful] ACBSP accreditation application),
  • Adjunct Faculty, Thomas Edison State University (teacher Leading Strategic Change at the graduate level and participated in the ASBCP accreditation application),  
  • Associate of the International Institute of Child Rights and Development and he is presently advising on a social well-being program for children with a team from Latin America,
  • President of the Puget Sound Alumni Chapter of Case Western Reserve University,  
  • Book proposal reviewer for Routledge Books and a reviewer for the Academy of Management,   
  • Concordia University.  2017-2018 Created and was Chair of the new Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program,
  • Forbes Education, Forbes Corporation (2013 until company sold 10/31/2014).  Dean, a.i. Management of faculty in course development and instruction of business certificates in Financial Risk Management, Strategy and Innovation, Global Business Leadership and eight others including Agri-business,
  • Capella University, School of Business and Technology: Immediate past Chair, (2010-2013) General Business.  Led the creation of two doctoral programs, the Ph.D. in Business and the Doctor of Business Administration, Chair of the MBA (2008-2011), Residencies & Faculty Development, Leadership, and faculty,
  • University of Phoenix: (1999-2003) Chair of the Doctor of Management program and member of Academic Council for Doctor of Health Administration program,
  • Team leader for Evaluation of the USAID LAC Health Sector Reform Initiative.  Led an international team in the design, data collection (in three countries), analysis of the Health Reform Initiative and production of the final report (2000),
  • Consultation to WHO to develop the management effectiveness program in the Middle East (Syria, Jordan and Egypt) (2000),
  • Designed and carried out the evaluation of a Quality Management Program in Syria,  
  • Professor, Graduate School of Psychology & School of Business-Central Washington University (Organizational Behavior, Organizational Theory, Human Resource Management, Strategy and International Business), 
  • Visiting Professor, Graduate School of Business Universidad Diego Portales, (1993,1996) Santiago, Chile and California American University, Beijing (2000)
  • Management Specialist World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva, Switzerland (1994-1999)
  • Manager of Human Resources Initiatives, vice-president controller, The Boeing Company, Seattle, WA


  • Case Western Reserve University Alumni Association for the Northwest, President
  • El Camino Foundation, Chairman. (Past-Colombia)
  • Chancellor University, Member of the Board of Trustees (past)
  • InterAmerican University, Member of the Board of Trustees (past)
  • Protocol Officer, World Trade Conference, Seattle (past)
  • The Institute for Internal Auditors, member of International Relations Committee (past)
  • Peace Corps National Advisory Council (Presidential Appointment-Reagan administration)
  • Board of Management, Metrocenter YMCA.  Chairman of the Board- (Past)
  • Rotary Club of: Lynnwood. WA and Choluteca; Honduras -Honorary Member & Paul Harris Fellow
  • The Washington Center for Management and Leadership - Member Board of Directors 
  • Drake, Beam and Moyer/Northwest, Advisory Board member (past)
  • School of Advanced Studies in Organizational Consulting, Santiago, Chile, Advisory Board (Past)     
  • Compliance Training Management Consortium, Chairman (past)


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  • Reviewer, Eastern Academy of Management Conference, Lima, Peru
  • Start-Up Chile (2011-2013): Judge, Santiago, Chile
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  • 2012 Reviewer African Academy of Management, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • 2006 to present: Reviewer and member of International Management Committee and chair of sessions: Academy of Management Annual Conference, Various Locations
  • Robinson, G. D., Stahlhofer, M. and Vasquez, J (2007): Child Rights Development Workshop, (in Spanish) Pan American Health Organization, IICRD and the Ministry of Health of Honduras: Tegucigalpa, Honduras
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