What Are the Attributes of a Good Leader

2. 27. 2018

They say good leaders are born, not made. Be it as it may, there are certain attributes that good leaders must have in order to succeed. These are such personal qualities that make the individual worth following.

Unlike managers and executives, whose positions in a company’s hierarchy are given, individuals with attributes of leaders might be found at all levels. Likewise, it may also happen that managers and bosses have no potential to become leaders. Surely, you can think of an example or two that you have personally encountered. But what about you? Would you say you have the right attributes of a leader?

Good leader

You are not afraid to take risks

The key attribute of a true leader is the ability to accept challenges and risks. Of course, you shouldn’t take any unnecessary risks without knowing the situation. But once you have considered the circumstances and you believe you have a chance to succeed, take the chance! Win or lose, you will move forward. And that's what the leaders are about! They should have the courage to constantly come up with new ideas and innovations.

You have empathy

A leader needs to create an environment of trust, respect, and understanding. Only then will the others want to follow him and deliver best performance. For this to happen, you need to acquire a certain degree of social intelligence and empathy. Try to have the best possible relations with your colleagues and show interest in their lives. Praise them for a job well done. Their success does not endanger you, it’s the opposite!

You evaluate all the facts before making a decision

A true leader must possess the ability to quickly process and interpret a lot of information. A leader should know that qualified decisions can be taken only with all the necessary knowledge. Thus, you should constantly seek additional information and be open-minded.

You have a vision and a strategy

A good leader must be able to consider different options and choose the best one that will match the company's overall strategy. Considering this, you should be able to think contextually and always keep in mind the big picture. Each decision you make should lead you towards fulfilling the vision. Through the vision, the leader activates the followers and motivates them to accept the vision as their own.

You are not afraid to express a different opinion

The times when companies preferred employees who obediently performed the assignment are irretrievably gone. Most modern-day entrepreneurs are well aware of the potential of employees who are not afraid to think outside the box, even if it means going against the majority. It takes courage to express a different opinion, especially if you go against your boss. Stand your ground but do so respectfully!

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