What to Do When You Have No Motivation

10. 25. 2017

Motivation is a curious thing. Sometimes we have plenty of it and sometimes we are barely able to get out of bed in the morning. Nevertheless, motivation is crucial if we want to achieve set goals. Therefore, we shouldn’t wait until it emerges itself. How about you try our tips next time you lack motivation?


Lack of motivation

Your goal is too big

A common mistake is setting your goal too big. When you start, the ultimate goal seems so abstract and distant and the process of getting there seems very exhausting and uncertain. This might easily frustrate you. Consider dividing your goal into smaller steps that are easier to achieve.

Surround yourself with the right people

Think about the people you are surrounded by. Are they motivated and excited about their jobs or perhaps they are rather apathetic and constantly negative? Surround yourself with the first type of people and spend little time with the other.

Talk about your project

Tell your family and friends all about your project that you’re currently working on. Every time you see them, they will ask about your progress so it won’t be easy for you to admit, that you want to give up. Their interest will motivate you to continue!

Remind yourself why you’re doing this

When you lack motivation and energy, it is easy to forget why you’re doing all this. Just sit down for a moment, have a think and write down the main reasons. Place the piece of paper where you can see it every day so you’re constantly remined that it’s worth the effort.

Remind yourself why you carry on

Once again, sit down and think about the reasons why you started with the project. The difference is that this time think about the negative aspect of the whole thing. What would happen if you stayed on the same path in one year’s time? Would you be satisfied with yourself, or would you regret that you haven’t made any progress? 

Friendly competition

An excellent way to stay motivated is to agree on a friendly competition with your colleague or a classmate. For example, you can agree that the first one to complete a boring task will get a reward. But be careful though, do not prefer the speed at the expense of quality!

Just get on with it

Sometimes it’s better to just bite the bullet and get to work. After a while, the work will become easier and you will feel happy with the first results, which will motivate you to work harder.

Don’t forget to relax

Even though you feel motivated, it doesn’t mean you should work without a break. A short break and an exercise is very beneficial for you. It will stir your thoughts and recharge you with new energy. Go for a run or listen to your favorite music – whatever you prefer!

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