Why You Should Consider an Online University After Leaving a Traditional University

6. 20. 2018

Students drop out of university for many reasons and it’s more common than you think. According to a survey by the National Student Clearinghouse, only 55 percent of first-time undergrads who started university in the Fall of 2008 finished a degree within six years, while the rest of the 45 percent may not have completed their degree at all.

There are multiple contributing factors that could impact a student’s continuation with an university education, including, many people drop out because they have to work while enrolled in university, and it becomes difficult to support themselves and their families. The fact is that when students are faced with financial issues, stressful schedules and no support system, it becomes impossible to keep up with university and to even think about going back to finish a degree.

That’s why we believe an online university like LIGS University can be a great option. Here are six reasons worth considering:

Lower Total Costs

Online university

Finances are a huge concern for students, especially if they have to work their way through university. On average, online degrees tend to have less expensive net tuition than traditional universities. That’s because there are no commuting costs, textbooks are often included in the total tuition fees, and there is lower overhead for the university to operate since all learning happens online.  In addition, students can save even more by taking free courses through open universities and requesting transfer credit for them upon enrolling at LIGS.  LIGS validates up to 50 percent transfer credit.

Flexible Schedule

You no longer have to plan your day around your classes if you’re taking online courses. Instead, make a schedule that works best for you, your job and your family. Have a birthday party coming up for your kid? Attend! You can plan your studies around your personal life. Plus, course materials are available to you online 24/7 that you no longer have to take time out of your day to plan a trip to the library or school bookstore. Balancing work and school commitments become much more manageable when you’re attending an online university like LIGS.

Ability to Continue Career

Students who attend a traditional school often have to choose between working or finishing their degree. If an opportunity comes up for an advancement in your career, you can still pursue your degree while you are studying online. Employers will also be impressed that you have the drive and motivation to go to university while doing good work at your job. The self-study and flexible schedule of online degree programs allow students to keep working while pursuing a degree.

Comfortable Learning Environment

Not all students do well in a traditional, four-walled classroom. Shy or introverted students can feel more at ease participating in class discussions when it takes place via online chat or forums. They may feel more inclined to interact and discuss with their classmates when they can think through their responses and decide how to phrase their opinions. Plus, for students who may be easily distracted, being at home may provide greater focus – granted, they are able to discipline themselves to study at home.  At LIGS University, we offer three learning environments, from self-paced to blended to full-support structures.

No More Commute

Imagine never having to fight traffic or look for parking. You won’t have to worry about missing important class sessions and asking classmates for notes, since you can always “attend” class by participating on discussion boards, chat sessions, turning work in on time and watching lectures or reading materials. Plus, think about the time and money you save on fuel costs and sitting in traffic.

Join an International Community

Thanks to having interactive online education, LIGS University can offer an international experience. Everyday, students across the globe attend and enroll in our programs. We have faculty members from the U.S., Europe, Australia and Asia. LIGS University gives you a chance to be a part of an exclusive ‘ohana’ from all around the world. Join today.

Author: Maria Kanai

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