Work-life balance | The key to success for every manager

2. 22. 2022

Do you ever feel that you should have a workweek of at least 60 hours to get everything done, including balancing your studies, hobbies, and family? You're not alone. Professional coach Rasheed Ogunlaro follows a great motto in such cases. "Always bring some play, fun, freedom, and wonder from the weekend into your week and work." And we can't help but agree

So how do you achieve the right work/life balance these days? We've got some guaranteed tips for you to set healthy habits and stay balanced. 

Get creative with your time.

Time management opens doors and opportunities that remain locked to people, who don't know, how to handle their time effectively. For example, did you know that some of the best managers and workers are mothers? What's behind that? 

Work balance

Their incredible advantage is their ability to work under high pressure and get as many responsibilities done as possible in the limited time available to them. Their ability to adapt very quickly to a new situation is incredible. Only a few people can handle crisis management as well as women. 

Sleep is your best friend.

The ideal sleep time is 8 hours a day. If you neglect sleep, it will quickly affect your ability to concentrate and make appropriate decisions. That makes a massive impact on your work and the running of your business. 

Healthy habits, time for yourself, and working with time

It's consequential to switch off occasionally and be able to run your errands. Free time, working from home, or even a shortened workweek can be a big help here. Did you know that most managers who know how to work effectively with time can get through their normal daily workload in as little as 4 hours? That's half of an eight-hour workday. But that doesn't mean you have to add work to them to keep them busy on the contrary. Accommodate them and leave them some freedom. Why shouldn't such a person use the extra time to visit the physiotherapy regularly or stretch in the office? Providing a similar service right in the company offices and during working hours can be a bonus. 

Be sure to incorporate time for yourself into your work and study busy week. These can be sporting activities such as going for a morning jog or going to the gym. Also, remember to maintain a regular drinking regime and take meal breaks. 

Creative thinking "outside of the box."

People who have creative hobbies think differently. Venting even the craziest ideas often leads to the best solutions to a given problem. Try incorporating a creative hobby into your free time. It is one of the best forms of relaxation. 

Friends and family, the foundation of success

Family and your closest friends are some of the most important things you have in your life. It is your support system. They are there for you, and you are there for them. They should come first for you. Yes, sometimes it's hard to decide whether to stay late at work to finish a project. But is it worth missing out on those precious moments together? 

How to balance work and personal life is one of the things we learn throughout our lives. Sometimes we feel on top, and other times we hit the ground hard. The important thing is to learn from our mistakes and avoid them next time. And when you do make a mistake, the world doesn't come crashing down because of it. Your self-reflection is significant. 

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