Study online and effectively

6. 23. 2015

The benefits of studying online are becoming more and more apparent as digital communications become increasingly more streamlined through our desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Today, approximately 4 million students are involved in distance or online coursework.

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Online learning definitely has a lot of benefits. It is great for self-starters and people who really want to learn, but it can be a challenge too because the motivation and discipline all have to come from you. Here’s how:

Plan for success. The first step that you need to take when you study is to plan properly. Knowing what you should study and what particular areas of study are most critical is paramount to being successful as an online student. What you o overlook is most likely to bring your grades down.

Take short, sharp bursts. Studying in short sharp bursts pays off. It has been shown that after 30 minutes of intense concentration our brains lose some of their ability to accurately take in and retain information. Therefore, it is advisable to divide the material into small, easily digestible chunks. Don’t try and cram a whole years’ worth of work into the night before.

Don't study alone! If you are used to studying on your own, why not challenge yourself to study with someone else? Or even in a group. By collaborating and sharing information with others you will find studying a lot more enjoyable. Collaborating will allow you to split workloads into certain subjects to maximize your time and ensure that you have access to a wider range of material

Change your approach. You may be used to studying just by highlighting and memorizing. However, there are many other study methods that can help you. Flashcards, for example, are great for using your commuting time or the hour before your exam. And if you have never used mind maps before and you happen to be a visual person, you will find mind maps as a method to organize ideas to be a refreshing way to study.

Reward yourself. Online study requires discipline. So reward yourself every time you achieve a study goal – this will motivate you to keep going and complete your course. It’s important to reflect on what you’ve learned.

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