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Credit transfer

LIGS University welcomes students from other schools


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What we recognize

Credits earned:

  • for university courses
  • other educational activities from accredited or authorized higher education institutions or providers.

Credit transfer process

Submit a REQUEST FOR CREDIT TRANSFER along with the official documents required for your studies.

The process is carried out on an individual basis at the discretion of LIGS University. The documents will be reviewed by our experts and ultimately approved by the dean of LIGS University

Full extent of LIGS University Credit Transfer Policy

Transfer of credits and general criteria for recognition of prior studies

Credit transfer policy

LIGS University welcomes transfer students and seeks to maximize the award of legitimate transfer credit. Credit is awarded for earned graduate-level courses and learning events originating from accredited, approved or authorized institutions of higher education or learning providers.

Transfer credit is evaluated on a case-by-case basis and is accepted by LIGS University in its sole discretion. Income transfer requests must be accompanied by official documentation and are reviewed by LIGS University admissions specialists and approved by LIGS University Academic Dean to determine transfer awards.

Students who wish to earn transfer credit at LIGS University should contact their admissions advisor in order to confirm a transfer credit award prior to entering an enrollment agreement with LIGS University.

The LIGS University credit award shows the number and application of credits awarded. Credits may be applied either directly to LIGS University degree requirements or as elective credit.

Prospective transfer students should contact an admissions advisor to learn more about the possible transfer of credit for their specific case.

General Criteria for Transfer Credit

  1. LIGS University does not guarantee transfer of any credit until a student is accepted into a degree program.
  2. LIGS University accepts transfer credit from both US and international institutions of higher education.
  3. Official transcript of records in a language known to the admissions advisors is required to determine the transferability of credit.
  4. Generally, the course needs to be on at least graduate level for graduate transfer credits.
  5. All transfer credits are granted on an individual basis. Experienced admissions specialists at LIGS University assess the transferability of credit based on official records, including official transcripts. Additional evidence of learning may be required to determine a specific transfer award. Additional records may include course syllabi, evidence of course content, official catalogs or statements of approval from relevant authorizing or accrediting agencies.
  6. All transfer credits need to be finally approved by the Academic Dean.
  7. The maximum number of transfer credits is 50% of credit hours required for the degree program in question.
  8. It may be determined that some courses are not eligible for transfer of credit.
  9. In case a decision is made that the applicant can’t be granted any credit for the courses taken at other institutions, the applicant is required to provide admissions advisor with transcript of records from undergraduate or degree-equivalent program of study, and will be accepted into the degree program based on the information provided.

Outgoing Transfer

LIGS University does not guarantee transferability of credits earned at LIGS University to other educational institutions. Students should contact admissions advisors of any institution where they wish to transfer to determine if the institutions is willing to accept credits earned at LIGS University before enrolling in that institution.

Articulation Agreements

From time to time LIGS University may enter articulation agreements with partner institutions to define and determine standards and processes for degree completion. Those agreements indicate the nature and volume of credit transfers and supersede this policy.

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