Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate represents the LIGS Faculty

Is the highest body representing the LIGS Faculty in the LIGS governance structure.


The mission of the LIGS University Faculty Senate is to lead the Faculty in fulfilling their responsibilities in the shared governance of the university and to represent Faculty interests to the university stakeholders. The Faculty Senate is responsible for exercising its vested authority in ensuring that academic freedom and fairness is encouraged and protected, and for acting as a guiding body to oversee a curriculum that promotes student learning through a rigorous course of study.



the President of the Faculty Senate: Roberto Alejandro Llauro

the Vice-President of the Faculty Senate who shall also act as Treasurer: TBC

the Secretary of the Faculty Senate: Umar Lawal Aliyu


Other Senators 

Leon Tsvasman
Miroslav Sedlak
Babandi Ibrahim Gumel
Kamila Tislerova
Bibiana Batovska


 The Faculty Senate serves as a liaison between the Faculty and the administration. This includes: 

  1. Assisting in developing and implementing the strategic plan of the university; 
  2. Informing, including, and representing Faculty in discussions about university policies, procedures, and changes proposed by the administration; 
  3. Making recommendations to the Provost and President of the university regarding Faculty issues and interests;
  4. Making recommendations to Faculty and administration on policies to improve the university environment.


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Ombudsman LIGS University

In line with the client-centred approach and the desire to maximise the satisfaction of management education students, LIGS University has an ombudsman. The Ombudsman is independent of the management of LIGS University and is available to assist students in resolving any disputes that may arise in relation to management education between the student and LIGS University. The position of the Ombudsman at LIGS University is held by Ing. Zdenek Marysko, MBA, an experienced manager with many years of management experience.

The LIGS University Ombudsman can be contacted at any time by e-mail.

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