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About LIGS University & Accreditation

Where is LIGS University located?

LIGS University is a 100% online private university based and established in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. For the comfort of our students and applicants, mainly due to time zones, we have an office in Europe (Prague) and study consultants and lecturers from all over the world.

Can I visit Hawaii offices and the graduation ceremony?

You can attend the graduation ceremony if you wish, however it is not mandatory. The graduation is held both live and online so you can attend even if you are not able to travel. The location and time are always announced in due time. You are welcome to attend our offices in Honolulu, Hawaii. As we are a 100% online university, we do not have a campus, only a few offices with enrollment and student advisor workers.

Recognition of the title from LIGS University

As a global online university, we do not have experience with the recognition in other countries (our students and graduates come from at least 75 countries), as the students need to manage that themselves (in compliance with the laws of their country). 

Our students at LIGS University study for their personal development, to improve their professional knowledge, to take advantage of effective online education, and to become part of an international community. Their primary goal is not a recognized title in their country.

Recommendation: If your goal is to obtain a recognized title in your country, we cannot guarantee that and we recommend that you get informed at your local department of education before applying.  

Which accreditations does LIGS University possess?

LIGS University is a private American university based in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA where it resides, operates and manages academic activities.

LIGS University believes that accreditation and certifications are a sign of credibility and quality, we are therefore proud to possess the highest status (Premier Status) for commendable areas of operation by the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC).

Because of the differences between the US and the European education system, and in accordance with the Hawaii Revisited Statues § 446E, this information is important especially for the US students: LIGS University is not accredited by an accreditation agency recognized by the US Department of Education (Note: In the United States, many licensing authorities are required to recognize eligibility for accredited titles. In some cases, accredited universities may not accept subjects or education gained at non-accredited universities. Also, some employers may require a state-accredited title to acknowledge the eligibility for employment.).


What is the difference between apostille, nostrification and superlegalization?

The apostille is official authentication of the genuineness of the document for graduates in the countries of The Hague Convention.

Nostrification is a process or act of granting recognition to a degree from a foreign university.

Superlegalization is official authentication of genuineness of the document for graduates from the countries out of The Hague Convention. 

The apostille and superlegalization are similar documents, the difference is for which countries it is determined.

Why should I choose to study online?

Here are some of the benefits of our  programs

  • High quality of lecturers – you’ll broaden your horizons by learning from professionals located all over the world,
  • Learning Management System – all information is at one place available from any kind of computer, tablet or mobile phone from all around the world.
  • Possibility to study under individual payment plan
  • Immediate benefit and combination with practice – knowledge and skills that are immediately applicable in your professional life
  • Online library – books and study materials included in tuition 
  • Labor market competitiveness – study an online degree program and gain the lead in the labor market


What is the length of studies and is it possible to finish sooner or extend?

The length of your studies is individual. The programs are self-paced, but the average duration is 2 years for the MBA and MSc and 2-3 years for the DBA and PhD programs. The average duration is calculated on the assumption that average students have 4 hours a week for their studies. 

You can choose a fast-track degree program and finish your studies earlier,  and it is possible to prolong your studies for an extra year without charge.

Are the studies at LIGS University hard?

Regarding the difficulty of studies, it is of course necessary to meet the conditions of the chosen study program. However, a 100% online form of study is without the need to travel, and the option to customize the study plan can make the studies objectively simplified. Along with the emphasis on the personal approach we offer a possibility of faster completion and lower study cost compared to full time type of study. 

The pace of your studies is entirely up to you. It is necessary to complete the compulsory requirements of your program. You can get as much knowledge as you wish from the materials provided. It all depends on your preferences.

How do the online studies work?

Our Interactive Online programs are 100% online and self-paced, so you can study whenever and wherever you are, and enroll practically any day of the year. 

Upon enrollment all students are granted access to our Learning management system which includes an e-library, study materials, e-tests, gives you the opportunity to attend webinars, and receive individualized feedback from our lecturers. In order to conclude each course, you must submit a seminar paper (and pass one e-test for each course in case of master’s degree programs). There are no e-tests in doctoral programs as the emphasis is placed on research. 

During the whole program you work on your dissertation thesis (final thesis in case of master’s degree programs) and after completing all your academic duties you will defend the thesis in front of the board of opponents (defending your thesis is only required in case of doctoral programs). Over the duration of the whole degree program, you get constant support from LIGS University Student Services, meaning you can concentrate fully on your studies.

How are courses finished and what is the length of seminar papers / thesis?

Master’s degree programs: 

Each course is finished by passing an e-test and submitting a seminar paper of 3.800 - 5.000 words. The final thesis is in the range of 10.000 - 15.000 words and there is no defense at the end. The student's identity verification during the e-test is done by web camera, which needs to be made available during the testing period.

Doctoral programs: 

Each course is finished by submitting a seminar paper of 5.000 words. Dissertation thesis is in the range of 30.000 - 50.000 words. You will defend the thesis in front of the board of opponents. There is also mandatory publication activity (4 publications in reputable journals, e-journals, scientific websites or other media). 

Which materials and literature do I need?

You do not need to purchase any books – upon enrollment, all students are granted access to a vast e-library with hundreds of books on Management, Marketing, Finance, etc. that you will use throughout your studies. You also get access to learning materials, e-learning courses by the LinkedIn Learning platform, our webinars and the opportunity to communicate with our accomplished lecturers.

Admissions process

Is there possibility of credit transfer to your university?

Yes, there is. If you have previously completed some degree courses, you can be exempted from 50% of the mandatory coursework based on the successful credit transfer, e.g. if the course content covered in your studies prior to enrolling at LIGS University matches with course content at LIGS University. (maximum is 6 courses in masters and 2 in doctoral programs)

Contact us, submit your application and provide us with the transcript and course syllabi, and we will get back to you. The tuition can be decreased by $250 with each exempted course. This price reduction can’t be combined with any current discounts we are offering. However, we will honor the lowest price.

What is the admission process in a nutshell?

Step 1: Fill in the application form and attach all the required documents.

Step 2: Settle the non-refundable application fee ($100).

Step 3: Consult and choose your tuition plan with your admission officer. 

Step 4: If you meet the admission criteria, wait for the Dean of Students to formally accept you.

Step 5: Review and confirm the enrollment agreement draft sent to you.

Step 6: Settle the 1st tuition payment.

Step 7: Start your studies.

What are the entry requirements?

Requirements for master’s degree programs are as follows: English on a level of Intermediate High - Advanced Low (ACTFL)/“B2” (CEFR) or higher. Bachelor's degree diploma or its equivalent. 

The application must contain a copy of the diploma from your highest achieved education, a transcript of records, copy of an ID card (personal ID, passport, or driving license), photo, and up-to-date CV written in English.

Requirements for doctoral degree programs are as follows: English on a level of Intermediate High - Advanced Low (ACTFL)/“B2” (CEFR) or higher. Master’s degree diploma or its equivalent. The application must contain a copy of the diploma from your highest achieved education, a transcript of records, copy of an ID card (personal ID, passport, or driving license), photo, and up-to-date CV written in English.

All required documents are sent via online application form.

Application is considered upon complete submission of the documents and after the application fee of $100 is credited. Final acceptance is subject to the decision of the Dean of Students at his sole discretion.

What is the difference between MBA and MSc?

The MBA program is designed for business professionals who want to improve their knowledge and experience and advance their career. Whatever your background, if you want to learn key management skills and advance professionally, the MBA is for you; whether you want to start your own business, or progress within your current company. Our programs are structured with emphasis on immediate real life application within your chosen field. 

The MSc program focuses on theory and the overall approach to studies is more scientific. Furthermore, MSc programs are more suited for new graduates without previous managerial experience. The goal is to acquire a solid theoretical ground within your chosen field. 

The structure of the programs is very similar. The difference can be found in the number of courses and in the structure of the final thesis (MBA - 2⁄3 practical part, MSc - 2⁄3 theoretical part)

What is the difference between DBA and Ph.D.?

DBA focuses on theoretical knowledge that can be applied to the practice of business and business management. In order to be able to enroll into DBA students have to have managerial work experience. A DBA degree will equip the student with working knowledge based on the latest business research, theories, and trends. This degree not only makes the student an expert in his field, but results in a tangible set of management and decision-making skills that may qualify him for senior-level leadership positions and new career opportunities. It also provides advanced skills that are necessary for conducting real-world quantitative and qualitative research and publishing in research publications.

Ph.D. is a research degree usually for candidates who aim to pursue a career in academia, as researchers and professors and conduct research that contributes to knowledge or theory in a certain field. Ph.D. degree is in general more suitable for students in earlier stages of their career with focus on research in a specific topic. In regards to dissertation, students usually select a research project of theoretical value to the academic environment.


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