An intense introduction to the finance function for non-financial managers.

Finance is one of 6 common base courses, which are mandatory to complete before the entry into the specialization module. This course is an intense introduction to the finance function for non-financial managers, including concepts, functions, and activities. The course will introduce learners to personal finance, corporate finance, and finance for non-profit organizations, including the government. Learners would be able to determine the resources required, how to source the resources, and how to manage the resource to maximize an entity's wealth. 

Course Content

In this course, students will learn the basics of financial management of the company, the tools of financial management, the measurement and management of company performance, the basis of planning and budgeting and the interdependence of strategic objectives in planning documents, including the introduction of strategic objectives into individual planning documents and motivational criteria. In addition, students will gain an overview of the financial ratios and methods that are the mainstay for managing, planning and administering finances in a company. 

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What will you study?


In the Finance course, the participants will become familiar with the core principles of financial management, with different kinds of tools in financial management as well as methods for measuring and managing business performance.  

This course provides insight on the subject of finance from the point of view of non-financial managers. The world of finance is introduced from a highly practical point of view, which can be very well used not only in corporate financial management but also in management of personal finance.  
In the course of their studies the students will deepen their knowledge also in the sophisticated area of corporate finance and strategic financial management.  

Another important part of the course is dedicated to financial markets, their importance for healthy functioning of the economy and their segmentation.
Investing and making investment decisions will represent the last part of this comprehensive course. Students will become familiar with financial tools in the market, basic principles of investment decision making and basic methods for the evaluation of certain financial instruments.
Upon completion of this course the students will have a comprehensive overview of the tools, methods and roles of financial management in a particular company as well as within the framework of business as a whole. They will master the tools of financial management and be able to use them in their professional practice.  

Course Content & Curriculum

  • Introduction to financial basics
  • Introduction to the basics of financial management 
  • Corporate Finance
  • Market Efficiency

Course Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this course, students should be able to…

  • Evaluate the role of an effective financial function within an organization, including financial statement and ratio analysis and strategy development and execution.
  • Use qualitative and quantitative methods to determine effective financial market strategies and models for organizations of various sizes and financial situations.
  • Apply quantitative methods to the analysis and practice of financial markets, including debt, equity, and derivatives marketplaces.
  • Develop capital budgeting and make decisions that will improve the wealth of an organization.
  • Determine the optimum capital structure of a firm to maximize stakeholders' wealth. 
  • Understand various financial analysis techniques and utilize them to understand firms' financial statements and make short-term and long-term debt decisions, investment decisions, and profitability decisions. 
  • Understand the financial health of a firm and make decisions that will improve the position. 

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