DBA Finance

Risk, profit and regulate economic reality with detailed knowledge and experience in the industry.

What will you study?

Financial Management
Risk Management
+6 courses in the Scientific research module
+2 elective module courses

We can't ignore profitability and its management, liquidity, and the risks we take within management thinking and decision making. This course will instruct students on preventing crises at all levels. Finance is more than just accounting, tax, and regulatory reporting, and professionals must respond to the functions of financial markets and the task of raising capital to implement our ownership strategies.



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Finance, HR Management, Management, Marketing, Project Management

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Doctor of Business Administration

We provide students with a multidisciplinary view in order to increase their managerial integrity as a prerequisite for personal professional growth. Under the guidance of our lecturers, students will create mantras and schemes of their own, testing them and examining them using the best experiences from various fields of human activity. Graduates will find their own managerial path in financial management.

About DBA program at LIGS University

Main benefits of the field in practice

Work with top experts
Finding your identity in the financial segment
The financial aspect of every decision
Carefully analyse the impact on operations
Risks & liquidity as a daily mantra
One number is worth a thousand words
Two worlds, two perspectives
Unify research and business
A strategic approach to finance
Keep your finances firmly in hand
Black Swan Theory
Embrace the change and accept the unpredictable

What will you study?

2 specialization courses

Financial Management

This course provides students with insight on both the macro and micro level of finance in an economy. The micro level is focused on the financial management of organizations and companies and its tools for measuring and managing business performance and the process of financial planning and budgeting along with defining interrelations between strategic objectives.

The Macro level covers financial markets, their segmentation and tools, principles of investment decision-making process and methods of evaluation of chosen financial instrument. Upon completion, students will be ready to support their dissertation research with the knowledge they have acquired from the area.

Risk Management

The Risk Management Course introduces participants to the many different types of risk that an organization faces, as well as the concepts of managing financial and non-financial risks. Students will learn the methods of management, measurement, and control of these risks. The whole process of identification, analysis, response along with risk control and culture is addressed in the course of the class.

Students will become familiar with risk concepts such as applied to credit, liquidity and interest rate risk. Students will learn the importance of capital adequacy, with the nature and components of market risk, operational risk and credit analysis.

2 elective module courses

Complete your study plan

You can choose from 24 courses, which must not be the same as the courses of your chosen specialization.

You will choose the subjects on your application form.

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6 courses in the Scientific research module

Admission Requirements

Proficiency in the chosen language of study (B2)
Master's degree
Managerial experience of minimum of 5 years
Documents (electronic form): Copy of a document proving the highest degree earned + transcript of records, CV, Photo, Government issued ID
Application is considered upon complete submission of the documents and after the application fee of $100 is credited. Final acceptance is subject to the decision of the Vice Provost at his sole discretion.

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DBA - Finance

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