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Get the highest academic education

Graduating from the Ph.D. program will give you a highly valued level of education.
Transfer your years of experience to your studies and contribute to scientific knowledge.
The program benefits both science and your career.

Overview and benefits
  • Learn how to conduct your own research focusing on developing new theory
  • Become an expert in the field
  • Gain researched-focused skills, thinking in-depth skills with abilities to see things from different angles and perspectives
  • Strengthen professional skills that you can use to overcome and meet current and future professional challenges and goals.
  • Instructors will teach you to focus on your goals and unleash your potential.
  • Gain critical insight into the specific issues you are facing


$ 8,400

Payment Plans and Scholarships Available

Finance, HR Management, Management, Marketing, Project Management

Interactive Online Ph.D. tuition fees

Up-front payment

$ 8,400
Final amount of the tuition fee if paid lump-sum.

Instalment plan 1 year

$ 9,660
Final amount of the tuition fee if settled over the course of 1 year.

Instalment plan 2 years

$ 11,676
Final amount of the tuition fee if settled over the course of 2 years.

The tuition fee for the Ph.D. program includes all taxes.

Tuition fee includes: 

  • electronic materials,
  • Unlimited access and use of LMS (Learning Management System),
  • feedback of lecturers on the assignments,
  • electronic communications with the lecturers,
  • e-learning tests,
  • recommended professional webinars (online seminars) from the LIGS University offer.

Tuition fee does not include:

  • Non-refundable $100 application fee, which reciprocates the administration tied to the processing of your application (application review, scholarship request review, preparation of the Enrollment Agreement and payment plan).
  • Graduation fee in the amount of $100 paid upon successful completion of the program covering the costs associated with issuing, printing and mailing the diploma via standard post service. 
  • Telecommunication and Internet connection fees,
  • Travel costs, if any. 
Why study with LIGS University

What will a Ph.D. bring to your life and career?

The Ph.D. represents the highest level of academic education that you will receive under the guidance of our experienced faculty.

You will consult the most proven literature and contribute scientific knowledge with your academic work. 

Lecturers will help you to develop your core competencies and critical insight and help you grow professionally and personally. 

Concentrate your studies on the issues that concern you at the head of a company and put your newly acquired theoretical knowledge directly into practice.

After your studies you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate and apply principles of high performing organizations and global management.
  • Confidently and profeciently tackle today's biggest corporate challenges.
  • Analyze and determine various management resources for their advantages, limitations and application to challenges you face.

For whom is the program intended?

For those who want to stand out

Connecting your professional life with your studies will immediately move you forward in your career.

For those who want a boost

Study with us in a wide range of subjects. Accelerate your new or existing career. Jump out of your stagnation and increase your competitiveness in the job market.

For those who need freedom

Access to the online library, school system or webinars is a matter of a few clicks. You create your own schedule according to your availability. You can plan your exam dates and finals as you 

For those who like to travel

Boundaries are not for us. We make learning possible for everyone. You can study with us wherever you are. Classes are completely online. You can contact us at any time.

For the winners

Increase your value in the marketplace and in life. We combine the best of academia and management practice

For leaders

Connecting your professional life with your studies will move you forward in your career immediately. You will be able to put the know-how you have acquired into practice.Propojení profesního života se studiem vás posune okamžitě dopředu v kariéře. Získané know-how budete schopni převést do praxe.

Reach out to us

Still have questions? Book an appointment to speak with one of our application specialists.

Our Alumni

Boubakar Thiombiano
Boubakar Thiombiano
Permanent Secretariat for the Promotion of Microfinance, Ministry of Economy, Finance and Development of Burkina Faso
I recommend LIGS University because ...
Peter Winkler
Peter Winkler
District Chief of Staff for the US House of Representatives
For me, studies at LIGS are purely personal. I am finishing my career, not starting it, and so I am looking to fulfill ...
Hend Hassan
Hend Hassan
Head of Internal Audit, Misr for Clearing, Depository & Registry "MCDR"

I really feel proud as a DBA student at LIGS university, it's sure added value for me. Although the difference

Andrew Sadlik
Andrew Sadlik
CEO of AndCorp2003

I heard of LIGS University from a friend of mine, who said he heard that the university has good standards

Anthonia Ajalie
Anthonia Ajalie
Project Manager, Products LTE & Wi-Fi

The program has helped me understand the business world and marketing as a whole. I enjoyed the course intercultural communication

Roger McCoy
Roger McCoy
Direct Energy Franchise Business Consultant

I've only been a Ph.D. student since January 1 of this year. But I've already seen how valuable this program

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