Babandi Ibrahim Gumel

Babandi Ibrahim Gumel
Babandi Ibrahim Gumel
Associate Professor

Dr. Babandi Ibrahim Gumel is the owner and chairman of Bafsa Global Concepts Ltd, specializing in construction, logistics, and transportation business. He was an associate professor of entrepreneurship development studies at the Business, Entrepreneurship, Skills, and Technology Center of the Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industries (BEST- ACCI), Nigeria.  He was instrumental in signing partnerships between International Universities and the center. He currently serves as a doctoral students’ advisor at Global Humanistic University, Curacao.

Prior to 2015, Dr. Babandi Gumel worked for 12 years as a public servant in Jigawa State Government, where he served as an elected parliamentarian for eight years (2003-2011) in the Jigawa State House of Assembly and four years as a member of Jigawa State executive council as Commissioner in charge of Ministry of Information, Youth, Sports, and Culture (2011-2015).  Dr. Babandi was responsible for revitalizing Jigawa State Radio and Jigawa State Printing Press. He was instrumental in creating Jigawa State Television, Jigawa State Social Reorientation and Mobilization Agency, and Jigawa State Censorship Board under (Dr.) Sule Lamido’s administration.

Dr. Gumel was a part-time lecturer at Jigawa State College of Education Gumel and Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University between 2000 and 2004. As a part-time lecturer in the two institutions, he lectured graduate and undergraduate students in financial management, elements of finance, financial statements analysis, principles of management, marketing, and investment analysis. He also participated in dissertation committees as chairman and member.

Dr. Babandi Gumel obtained a Doctor of Business Administration in 2017 from California Southern University – USA. Before then, He received a Master of Science in Banking and Finance and a Postgraduate Diploma in Banking and Finance from Bayero University Kano in 2009 and 2006. Dr. Babandi earned a professional Certificate of Comparative Public Financial Management from the Chartered Institute of Public Financial Accounting (CIPFA) in the UK. Because of his interest in online and face-to-face scholarly instruction, Dr. Babandi Gumel obtained a Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning from Coursera. Dr. Gumel is expected to complete a Ph.D. in entrepreneurship at Al-Madinah International University, Malaysia, in 2023. Dr. Babandi Gumel has published scholarly articles in peer-reviewed journals on Small Business Enterprises Management, marketing, and entrepreneurship development.

Dr. Babandi Gumel is a member of Sigma Beta Delta (Business and Administration Scholastic honor in the USA), Golden key international honor society, and Delta Mu Delta (International Honor Society in Business) honors societies in the United States of America. He is a Member of the Association of Financial Analysts of Nigeria, a Member of the Certified Institute of Professional Printers of Nigeria, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Corporate Administrators of Nigeria, and a Fellow of the institute of corporate managers and administrators of Nigeria (FICMAN).

As a lecturer, He prefers email communication from students and usually responds to emails within 24 hours. His lecturing goal is to engage students by giving them constant feedback that will improve their work towards attaining learning outcomes. He appreciates the constant engagement of students on issues needing clarification. 

Motto: "Sharing his skills and knowledge to trigger the curiosity of his students to become critical and creative thinkers in such a way that they will meet the learning outcomes designed for a course and improve their lives through improving the world."

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