David Wong

David Wong
David Wong
Assistant Professor

David is a graduate of Stanford University where he received his Master of Science degree in Engineering in 1981. David has over 20 years of experience in Information Technology (IT) systems management, ERP systems implementation, software development, E-commerce systems and database integration.

David’s extensive working experiences both in corporate management and as a consultant to numerous businesses provide valuable management insights and technical expertise to corporate clients. David has implemented ERP systems and corporate training programs for major corporations such as Baxter Healthcare, State Compensation Insurance Fund, and Willis Lease Finance.

For his experiences in software development, David is experienced with the full lifecycle of commercial software product development and custom applications, including database development, ERP/ HR systems, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, web applications, and E-commerce integration.

As a tutor, David likes to share his actual experiences with the students in a way where specific knowledge can be applied to practical situations, stimulating discussions and creativities while maintaining students' independent thought process.

Motto: “Think out of the box.” No implementation project is the same. And it is this aspect of the business that continues to provide the challenges. By thinking out of the box, you will continue to find new and unique solutions; and at the same time, expand your horizons along the way.

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