Kamila Tislerova

Kamila Tislerova
Kamila Tislerova

Kamila Tišlerová is both a businesswoman and an academic. Since 1998 she worked as a Marketing Director of Ústecké Brewery, a.s. She helped with the implementation of new products and expansion to domestic and foreign markets. She continued to work at FMCG and dedicated her time to business development and sales operations. In 2008 she started working as a consultant and lecturer. She organizes and leads training courses for companies. Kamila also helps develop the expertise and soft skills of their managers and employees. Moreover, she uses methods of personalized learning and coaching.  

She also collaborates with start-ups, e.g. helps a mentor for the Innovations Centre of Ústecký region in the Czech Republic. 

In her academic career, she contributed to the development of managerial skills in MBA and Ph.D./DBA programs, publishes academic articles on a regular basis, and participates in international conferences. She was a host professor at many foreign universities, such as in Great Britain, Finland and China. 

Her purpose and a source of fulfillment come from helping managers to deal with their current problems in order to prepare for future ones. 

Motto: „There is no free lunch.“

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