Leon Tsvasman

Leon Tsvasman
Leon Tsvasman
Associate Professor

Over the past two decades, Dr. Leon Tsvasman has established himself as a visionary academic with his remarkable contributions to multiple fields. Dr. Tsvasman holds a Ph.D. in Media Studies with a specialization in Second-Order Cybernetics, and is a highly regarded expert in Instructional Design, encompassing Communication and Information Studies, Journalism, and Publicity. His exceptional polymathic background also includes significant insights into the epistemology of Artificial Intelligence, the psychology of information, and the ethics of governance, leadership, and innovation. As a well-regarded author, lecturer, and speaker, Dr. Tsvasman possesses proficiency in innovative didactics and multiple language competencies, including German, English, and Slavic languages. With a polymathic attitude, he continues to challenge the status quo and advance his areas of expertise through unique approaches.

Dr. Tsvasman has a distinguished academic background and a wealth of experience in consulting for universities, both public and private, in Germany. He has also held highly respected positions as a freelance lecturer and supervisor at prestigious institutions, such as the University of Bundeswehr in Munich, the Federal Academy of Public Administration, the University of Bonn, the University of Heilbronn, the University of Ingolstadt, Macromedia University Cologne, Provadis University Frankfurt, Wilhelm Büchner University Darmstadt, Deutsche Welle Academy (DWA), and the International University (IU). He has demonstrated his versatility by successfully designing and managing courses in diverse fields, such as psychology, pedagogy, and intercultural communications, for various audiences.

With a triple Ph.D in Media Studies, Politics, and English Linguistics earned from the University of Münster in 2002 as a German "Dr. phil" degree, Leon Tsvasman stands out as a highly accomplished academic. He was engaged as a Scientific Advisor at the Medical Faculty of the University of Cologne, held a freelance position as an Instructional Designer for the University of Bonn, and was a Chief Encyclopedist for Ergon Publishing House in Germany. Prior to his academic career, he gained valuable experience in communication agencies, where he held various roles, including Conception and Strategy Advisor. Before that, in 1997, he earned his master's degree in Communications, Politics, and English Linguistics at the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany. During his studies, he also gathered critical study experience at Lomonosov State University with a State Exam in English and BA-comparable courses in Journalism, and gained study experience in Human Medicine.

Dr. Leon Tsvasman is a proponent of the systemic-constructivist approach in both research and instruction, and has made significant contributions to the field through his authorship of a comprehensive lexicon of Media and Communications (2006). His most recent publications, all in German, showcase his expertise in interdisciplinary approaches to the epistemology of Artificial Intelligence (AI-Thinking, 2019), philosophy of sociotechnical civilization design (Infosomatic Turn, 2021), and potential-oriented ethics of innovation society (The Way of Sapiocracy, 2023), highlighting his versatile, creative, and solid knowledge in the field.

Dr. Tsvasman has broad expertise in consulting digital and value transformation projects, universities, and conferences, and keeps abreast of new trends in Ethics of Artificial Intelligence and Governance. He's authored instructional, didactic, belletristic, scientific, and philosophical articles, essays, and books. As a senior lecturer, he fosters interactivity, creativity, active learning, and personal growth. His instructional approach emphasizes cross-curricular, interdisciplinary, transferable, and intercultural skills to enable information processing, project-based, and authentic learning. He's also a research supervisor for BA, MA, and PhD students, guiding them through the research process and helping them reach their full potential. According to numerous references, his expertise includes problem-solving, conceptual synthesis, agility, creativity, curiosity, imagination, innovation, self-direction, design thinking, emotional leadership, and virtual collaboration, as well as cognitive flexibility, social and emotional intelligence.

Dr. Tsvasman's objective is to equip students with valuable skills and knowledge, supporting their personal, professional, and intellectual development. He creates a dynamic and participatory learning atmosphere that cultivates critical, systemic, and imaginative thinking. He is committed to developing cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural competencies that prepare students for success in an ever-evolving world. With his extensive knowledge and background, Dr. Tsvasman is a dedicated mentor for students as they navigate the complexities of society, research, media, and technology.

Motto: "Polymath on a Mission as a Creative Cyberneticist and Knowledge Empowerment Advocate"

Personal Values: Potential – Orientation – Enabling

Personal beliefs:

  • Potentiality is the core issue of Leadership and Management.
  • Self-responsible Orientation in the world is the best way to Knowledge.
  • Enabling of Human Difference is the highest social value in a digitalized world.


Motto auf Deutsch: "Potentialität, Orientierungsgewissheit und Ermöglichungskultur."

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