Magdy Hussein

Magdy Hussein
Magdy Hussein
Assistant Professor

Dr. Magdy Hussein is an academic, educator, scholar, author and a speaker in the area of organizational effectiveness and leadership. He was twice awarded the Official Judge by Chief Learning Officer Magazine.

He spent 25 years of his career as an engineer in different industries like broadcasting, IT, medical equipment and project management. His loyalty to quality and ethics was key to a successful career and fruitful industrial achievements. As he is growing mature, he chose to do what he likes most and therefore he switched to academia.

As a lecturer, Dr. Hussein leans towards dynamic learning approach which relies mainly on engaging students in an environment where they gain knowledge that sinks in their mind and becomes useful throughout their career-lives.

Dr. Hussein’s approach to teaching is to provide a solid academic theoretical material along with real professional case-studies to assure a perfect understanding of the real business world.

Motto: "No question is a bad question, but we got to learn how to ask the question that serves our learning experience."

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