Michael Aubry

Michael Aubry
Michael Aubry
Assistant Professor

Michael Aubry has numerous responsibilities at the various community colleges where he is currently employed. 

Working at a community college has helped him understand and respect different cultures, ethnic groups, age levels, and many other demographic variables.  The community college environment has enabled him to adapt and relate to different learning styles, which has further diversified my classroom and teaching experience, thus making him a more understanding and accomplished professor.

Currently he is an instructor at Cuyamaca College and Coastline Community College where he has taught the following courses (residential and online): Economics, Introduction to Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Business Communication, Business Law, Computerized Accounting, Introduction to Business, Human Relations for Business, and Introduction to Marketing.  He has also taught at other universities where he has been responsible for teaching other courses to include; Business Ethics, Strategic Planning for the Small Business, Introduction to Law, Managerial Finance, Financial Accounting, Managerial Economics, Organizational Leadership, Integrated Marketing Communications, International Marketing, and Marketing Research.

As for his educational experience related to these courses, he has a bachelor’s degree in Finance, an MBA, and a Doctorate in Business Administration with an emphasis in International Marketing.

He is currently on the Business Industry Collaboration Committee (for the State of California) that requires significant grant and case review to determine funding of curriculum related opportunities.  He recently wrote two grants that were approved to develop curriculum related to the first Associate Degree in Sustainable Business, and Business Social Media for the State of California.  Both grants required significant research and collaboration with practitioners, academicians, and other stakeholders throughout the State of California.

Historically, he has assisted other schools to obtain status as nationally accredited universities.  He was responsible for financial management, marketing, online platform creation and management, promotions, SLO development and assessment, course outlines, curriculum development, faculty recruitment, student assistance, database tracking, self-study preparation, committee formation, and institutional effectiveness planning.  He has extensive experience editing and revising documents using standard operating software, while also using collaborative technologies ensuring proper documentation and tracking.  With his guidance and direction, several schools have started new undergraduate programs, and have seen their MBA program grow from five to one thousand students.

He has experienced many aspects of the business environment, to include, human resources, management, finance, marketing, and accounting.  Each one of these aspects he has learned in various jobs that he has carried.  He has ten years of experience in the field of accounting and finance, and has served six years in the Air Force Reserve as a Personnel Journeyman.  He has also worked as a Student Ambassador and Student Services Assistant at Grossmont College.  He coordinated student outreach events to facilitate student learning, admissions, financial aid, and career and job placement.  He has experience working with the counselling department, tech-prep, and the transfer office.  He has travelled to Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, and Macau.  He has conducted business in Thailand on multiple occasions.

To facilitate his currency in business he maintains membership in the following organizations: Southern California Golf Association, the Entrepreneur Society, the International and Internet Marketing Association, the Asian Business Association, Linkedin.com, and Friendsoftheuschamber.com. These are excellent networking opportunities, where he has met other business professionals, enabling him to continue his personal development outside of his current profession.  

Motto: "You should never stop changing, learning and traveling. All three of these will make you a better person."

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