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Peter Jan Kosmaly

Peter Jan Kosmaly
Peter Jan Kosmaly
Adjunct Professor

His professional portfolio covers university lectures, tutoring and consultations, translations and proofreading, desktop and web publishing. In his academic practice, he gives lectures on methodology and communication; in his consultations, he deals with marketing analyses, strategies, and quality. In his practice as a translator and proofreader, he utilizes his scientific knowledge into quality and precision.

His first published study was on the forms and representations of the review with a new view – from the media anthropological perspective. He was among the first to describe the Nominalisation in the Slovak language. In his doctoral thesis, he analyzed and cataloged reception instructions in media reality. His works were presented at conferences or in scientific and professional journals. He is the author of educational texts on media communication and the basics of scientific research.

Motto: “We are all stories in the end; just make it a good one...”

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