Petr Masin

Petr Masin
Petr Masin
Associate Professor

Petr Masin occupies with consultancy and advisory services for the corporate sector and state administration. Until 2012, he worked in the top management of medium and large multinational corporations including holding, mainly in business and marketing director positions. Due to his former design engineer profession, he also held the position of technical director in an international company where he was awarded a patent and utility model. He is a creator of a series of e-learning courses for the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, a consultant for the Ministry of Agriculture project management supported by the European Structural Funds and a lecturer on private enterprise projects.

In 1988, he graduated from Czech Technical University in Prague – the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, and later on he graduated from the MBA program at the University of Economics and Management. During his further studies, he focused mainly on psychology and sociology with a specialization in human resource management and became a Doctor of Philosophy. Nowadays, he enriches his theoretical knowledge by learning modern trends in business management through doctoral studies at the Institute of Management and Economics at Czech Technical University in Prague. Besides the work of an advisor and consultant, he also engages in lecturing at higher education institutions (CTU, College of Entrepreneurship and Law, and the preparation and lecturing of MBA programs).

In the course of his career, he participates in scientific conferences, where he gives talks mostly about the subject of enterprise change and risk management. He is also an author of articles in professional journals and press.

As a lecturer, he prefers an interactive cooperation with students, maximal creativity and example-based learning the most. He puts a great emphasis on practical experience, which he strives to pass on students willingly.

Motto: “It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.“ - ​W. E. Deming -

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