Zdeno Matta

Zdeno Matta
Zdeno Matta

Zdeno Matta is the owner and Managing Director of OZconsulting Ltd. providing guidance, training and coaching educational services for companies, teams and individuals.

Zdeno has worked with dozens of multinational and local companies, hundreds of diverse teams and groups, as well as thousands of executives, sales and operations staff from other fields, such as vendors, buyers, team leaders, project managers, ...

He gained relevant resources, ideas and experience for the successful implementation of these educational activities from operations in Europe, Australia and the U.S., as well as from previous cooperation with international consulting companies [Krauthammer International and Dynargie; 2001 – 2006] and secondly, from the employee positions of Commercial Director, Sales and Marketing Manager, ..., at Telenor, T-Mobile, ... [before 2001].

Pragmatic business experiences supported in the second half of the 1980s and in the first half of the 1990s by academic and scientific activities in physics, astronomy and meteorology in Czechoslovakia and Australia, accompanied by a friendly, open and "easy-going" personality with a sense of humour are the reasons why he is very popular as a lecturer, consultant and expert in managerial and sales skills with international and local know-how.

Interactivity, freedom, creativity, efficiency and flexibility in style and form on the one hand, and applicability, practicality, complexity, clarity and implementation of modern trends in content and topics on the other, make his work an "export product", where students can find the value of the interaction with Zdeno, who was granted the “Lecturer of the Year Award” in 2017. He appears in the Britishpedia of the Czech and Slovak Republic.

Motto: “It is better to die of laughter instead of fear.”

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