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LIGS University History

LIGS University has a growing history that demoonstrates it has found its place in the education of working adults from all over the world. Among its graduates are professionals from various parts of the world such as managers, ministers and other prominent figures. LIGS has celebrated multiple milestones since its 2004 founding within the Czech Republic, EU as an educational institution.

LIGS initially opened its doors offering an Executive MBA program and within just two short years began enrolling students in 2006. At the same time the University became recognized by the American Association for Higher Education and Accreditation (AAHEA).

LIGS experienced rapid growth in its early years which is evidenced when LIGS University, LLC was established in Hawaii, USA in 2011. Subsequently the Scientific Council was established as an independent advisory body for the University and our online BBA and additional MBA programs were also introduced. By 2014, we designed, launched and welcomed our first class to enroll in the interactive online DBA and Ph.D. programs. However, the BBA program was cancelled in 2017 due to the increased focus on graduate and doctoral degree programs.

LIGS University has received great accolades that we remain proud of today. Our founder, Dr. Pavel Makovsky, has been recognized as the “Educational Manager of the Year” award in the Czech Republic. We also continue to make great strides regarding earning accreditation from the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC) organization.

The global Covid-19 pandemic afforded us to make many updates and changes between 2020 and 2022. New scholarship programs, the realisation of online science and management conferences, the revamp of our website, the establishment of the online LIRN library and our online video library were all important and valuable additions to our institution. We were also able to expand our staff and leadership positions with the creation and hiring of our full time librarian as well as other administrative moves and acquisitions. A new program to dedicate a fraction of the school fees available to charity was established and we completed a project to improve our new student admission processes.


In addition, there were several changes on the organisational level

First, the procedures and policies of LIGS University were reviewed and re-evaluated. These, for example, included: Complaint and Grievance Policy, Disciplinary Code, Code of Ethics, Policy on Equity and Inclusion, Scholarship Policy, Grading Policy, Credit Hours Policy, Credit Transfer Policy, Teach Out Policy, Succession Plan.


LIGS University's Board of Trustees was transformed and now serves as an independent Advisory Board with a substantial role in the control and direction of LIGS University. In connection with this, a new organisational structure was accepted which brought new administrative bodies to join our team to create and strengthen the structure of LIGS University. This includes the introduction of a new Provost, Vice Provost, the Alumni Council, the Student Council, and the Faculty Senate.

Our future has never looked brighter and to explore that horizon, LIGS University leadership has decided to pursue acquiring an accreditation recognized by the United States Department of Education. This is our most significant undertaking yet and the work is daunting; yet, when we earn that recognition, will make our collective celebration all the more sweet! We couldn't be more proud, excited and ready to have you join us and work together to acheive our common goals and dreams. To those of you already in our family - thank you! And to those of you considering where to explore your possibilities - we say look no futher, come join us as you have found your home and you future begins here at LIGS University. 

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