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LIGS University MBA

Precisely target your career by obtaining the LIGS University MBA

What will you study?

6 Common Base Courses
Earn 18 Credits
6 Specialization Courses
Earn 18 credits
Webinars & Conferences
Earn 3 Credits
1 Final Thesis
Earn 6 Credits

Our MBA program is customized to meet your needs. Study individually from anywhere. Choose from 13 different courses that complement your career. Have your practical training recognized and benefit from your experiences. Participate in our special elective courses. LIGS University MBA will open your challenge your mind and open doors to the highest levels in business.


Up-front payment
$ 4,500



Online study period 12 to 24 months
Proficiency in the chosen language of study
TUITION Interactive Online MBA

Up-front payment

$ 4,500
Total amount of the tuition fee if paid lump-sum up-front

Instalment plan 1 year

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Total amount of the tuition fee if settled over the course of 1 calendar year

Instalment plan 2 years

Contact us for more information
Total amount of the tuition fee if settled over the course of 2 calendar years

Tuition fee includes:

  • electronic materials,
  • Unlimited access and use of LMS (Learning Management System),
  • feedback of lecturers on the assignments,
  • electronic communications with the lecturers,
  • e-learning tests,
  • recommended professional webinars (online seminars) from the LIGS University offer.

Not included in the tuition:

  • Non-refundable $100 application fee, which reciprocates the administration tied to the processing of your application (application review, scholarship request review, preparation of the Enrollment Agreement and payment plan).
  • Graduation fee in the amount of $100 paid upon successful completion of the program covering the costs associated with issuing, printing and mailing the diploma via standard post service. 
  • Telecommunication and Internet connection fees,
  • Travel costs, if any. 

About the MBA Degree

Our MBA is an efficient and flexible managerial program that is suited for students that have busy schedules and work in middle and senior management positions. The program is offered exclusively online and uses the latest practices of professional education and communication technologies. Thanks to our unique learning platform students can study anytime, anywhere and from any computer connected to the internet. Our program is 100% remote.



Main benefits of studying in our MBA program

You will gain skills in communication, teamwork, data analysis and data-driven decision making.
The lecturers will teach you to focus on your goals and develop your potential.
Studying in a flexible online format allows you to live and work while you earn your MBA.
Earn your MBA by gaining a minimum of 45 credits. (Consisting of 4 parts)
You will become a leader. Move further in your profession. Open new paths in business or career.
Specialized courses are designed to help you gain leadership and direction setting skills.
By being an MBA graduate, you will gain a competitive advantage in the job market.
Earn credits for webinars, courses, conferences and practical training.

What will you study?

Stage 1: You will complete 6 common base courses.


Communication is an inseparable part of life for all of us. However, to communicate and to communicate effectively is not the same.

In today’s world, communicating effectively means having a significant competitive advantage. Being able to send and receive information effectively may make the difference between success and mediocrity. The goal of the course is to provide students with relevant information, knowledge and skills that will help them master effective communication that serves their professional career and private life.

Students will learn the different stages within the processes and elements influencing effective communications. Moreover, the course provides students with extensive information on different communication styles and practical information on how to present an effective message.

Another part of the course deals with internal and external communication practices and their importance for success of an organization.

Students will demonstrate insight to the theory of communication in an interesting and readily applicable form. The aim is to master the principles of effective communication by realizing how the communication process works and what factors affect the result of the process. Students will learn how to communicate effectively by improving their writing and speaking skills.

Students will master the principles of effective internal communications in a team or organization and external communication and public relations. Individual communication skills will provide students with invaluable knowledge of the communication process. Students will be able to identify the differences between people who are representatives of different types of communication styles and they will secure an understanding of each.


In the Finance course, the participants will become familiar with the core principles of financial management, with different kinds of tools in financial management as well as methods for measuring and managing business performance.  

This course provides insight on the subject of finance from the point of view of non-financial managers. The world of finance is introduced from a highly practical point of view, which can be very well used not only in corporate financial management but also in management of personal finance.  

In the course of their studies the students will deepen their knowledge also in the sophisticated area of corporate finance and strategic financial management.  

Another important part of the course is dedicated to financial markets, their importance for healthy functioning of the economy and their segmentation.

Investing and making investment decisions will represent the last part of this comprehensive course. Students will become familiar with financial tools in the market, basic principles of investment decision making and basic methods for the evaluation of certain financial instruments. 

Upon completion of this course the students will have a comprehensive overview of the tools, methods and roles of financial management in a particular company as well as within the framework of business as a whole. They will master the tools of financial management and be able to use them in their professional practice.  

Human Resources

Human capital is one of the most important components of every organization and it reflects the quality of the organization’s management. Satisfied, effective and motivated employees represent one of the key factors of a successful HR management of an organization.

The course introduces students to the many areas where human resource management is present. After a brief introduction to the origins and definitions of HRM, the focus is on recruitment and selection methods and procedures. Then the students continue their studies in the area of adaptation and integration stages of HRM including training, education and potential career development of an employee.

The next part of the course deals with appraising and rewarding performance, which is essential for long-term HR planning. The core stages of the HR process are concluded with issues of resignation, retirement and succession planning.

The course deals also with the very current topic of working in teams, the pros and cons and practical case studies for making the teamwork effective. Students learn about different personality types and their interaction in a team, and how this interaction can be beneficial for the outcome of the teamwork.

In the course the students will acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge of HR skills and processes that will allow them to use them in their own personnel and management practice.

Intercultural Communication

The goal of this course is to provide the students with the theoretical and practical framework allowing them to analyze and acquire a deeper understanding of different cultures with which they may be confronted in their professional lives. The goal is also to draw their attention to potential issues and conflicts arising from the lack of knowledge and understanding of different cultures and possible solutions.


Management is one of the most important factors affecting the prosperity of all organizations. This course introduces concepts and management practices and functions of management. It covers the basic theories from the field of management. However, the goal is to learn the art of management and be able to use it in practice.

Attention will be focused on identifying and creating managerial skills that make allowances for the personality of the individual manager. The students are introduced to various styles of management and leadership as well as management structures that provide them with an overview and insight on the subject matter.

Change management is a vital part of every manager’s life today. It represents another part of this course. Different change strategies and interests of stakeholder groups are presented to students to prepare them for the inevitable process of change in their future managerial practices. Throughout the course, students are encouraged to view change as an opportunity instead of a threat.


Marketing is central to company success - and failure.  

This extensive Marketing course provides students with necessary theoretical knowledge, but a strong emphasis is placed also on the ability to perform marketing activities in practice. It is of utmost importance that students get a proper picture of what marketing actually is and what it is not to be able to think about the subject with the right perspective. 

At first, the basic concepts and definitions of marketing are introduced to gain basic understanding of the subject which is then further structured and developed. Students get to know the huge variety of marketing functions and their interconnectedness and complexity within the organization as well as the differences in marketing for different kinds of products / services.  

Marketing research as a method and tool for building a marketing strategy is another important part of the course. The students learn how to create a strategic marketing plan based on the results of the marketing research by determining the target market, identifying competitors and setting a marketing budget.  

Since marketing within the borders of a single country is a history in many cases – it is highly important to keep in mind the international environments affecting the marketing.  
It is not really possible to imagine marketing without marketing communications strategy - students will learn about different strategies and marketing communication tools of a company at the end of the course. 

Stage 2: Customize your MBA by selecting 6 specialized courses from 13 options.

Stage 2: Select 6 specialized courses.

You can choose 6 out of 13 specialized courses. It is necessary to earn 18 credits from this stage. 

Corporate Social Responsibility - more

Crisis Management - more

Data Science - more

E-Commerce - more

Financial Management - more

Global Marketing - more

HR planning and Development  - more

IT Management and Cybersecurity - more

Key Account Management - more

Project Management - more

Risk Management - more

Strategic Management - more

Supply Chain and Logistics - more

Mandatory activities during and towards the end of studies

Webinars & Conferences

Earn 3 credits by learning with other students. Although online learning knows no barriers, you don't have to worry about non-contact learning. LIGS University hosts 2 webinars per week and several conferences per year.  Attend 2 live webinars a week led by our experienced lecturers and meet other students, or choose from our extensive library of webinars that have already taken place. You can access the webinar database without restrictions and play them on-demand. 

Successful completion of studies

At the end of your program, you will submit your biggest project, your final thesis. By that, you will earn 6 credits and your right to finally graduate with an MBA.

How is LIGS University MBA program carried out?

Graduating from the MBA program will give you a competitive advantage in the job market boosting your career advancement.

Minimum technology requirements to join: Computer or tablet with stable internet connection and word processing software. 

LIGS University MBA program is sized to serve your career development.

By completing the Common Base (18 credits) first, you will form an understanding of basic business practices and theories important to the prosperity of any company.

Passing the Specialization module (18 credits) will allow you to tailor your MBA program to what you want your focus to become.

Online Webinars and Conferences (3 credits) will enable you to gain a deeper understanding of the current issues in various fields.

When you successfully complete your Final Thesis (6 credits) you will be conferred with a Master of Business Administration degree.

The MBA professional degree translates best practices and theories into your daily management practice. 

Admission Requirements

Proficiency in the chosen language of study
Bachelor's degree
Documents (electronic form): Copy of a document proving the highest degree earned + transcript of records, CV, Photo, Government issued ID  
The Office of the Vice Provost will only consider fully completed applications (including a $100 application fee) for enrollment.

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Why choose to study at LIGS University?

High quality of lecturers

The lecturers are professionals in their fields. They come from 50 countries and are available in all time zones. Plus, you know that our lecturers will always respond to you in a timely manner.

Apply today, study tomorrow.

The study starts runs and ends exactly as you need it to. With all admission requirements met, just go through the simple application process, wait for the decision of the Vice Provost and you can start studying tomorrow.

Personal approach throughout

We offer help with course selection, application and full study support. The tutors are there for you. The tutors will help you to get the most out of your studies.

Easy access

There will be no clueless searching for sources or searching for supporting documents. Online library, video library of webinars and e-learning materials are a matter of course. All in one place and a few clicks.

You build your study plan

You choose the subjects you study according to your experience and professional goals. Combine academic insight and work experience. As part of your studies, you can address current issues in your field.

Study without borders and barriers

Maybe health issues are limiting you or you're just not flexible because of work? Boundaries are not for us. Wherever you are on Earth, you can study with us. All you'll need is an internet connection.

Studies at LIGS University

What do I need to do to improve my market value and meet my goals?

Application for
LIGS University
Contract and payment
Graduate thesis
and MBA

What will a degree bring to your life and career?

How are the studies carried out?

Adjust your study plan according to your preferences

Studying at LIGS University is individual and self-paced. You're not bound by any deadlines and you fulfil your study obligations as your time permits. 

Although self-study may seem challenging, there is nothing to worry about. Throughout your studies, you will be supported by a team of helpful study advisors and experienced lecturers who will help you through any situation and move you forward towards a successful goal.  

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