Management is one of the most important factors affecting the prosperity of all organizations.

Management is another of the 6 core courses required before starting the specialization module. This course provides an overview of the management discipline, including its key concepts, functions and practices. It addresses both the theory and practical art of management including one of the crucial components of management, the management of change. 

Course Content

This course provides an introduction to the basic practices and functions of management. Students will learn how to effectively manage teams and companies and how to incorporate the management concepts effectively into practice. They will acquire knowledge of different change strategies and they will be taught how to see change as an opportunity instead of a thread.

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Management is one of the most important factors affecting the prosperity of all organizations. This course introduces concepts and management practices and functions of management. It covers the basic theories from the field of management. However, the goal is to learn the art of management and be able to use it in practice.

Attention will be focused on identifying and creating managerial skills that make allowances for the personality of the individual manager. The students are introduced to various styles of management and leadership as well as management structures that provide them with an overview and insight on the subject matter.

Change management is a vital part of every manager’s life today. It represents another part of this course. Different change strategies and interests of stakeholder groups are presented to students to prepare them for the inevitable process of change in their future managerial practices. Throughout the course, students are encouraged to view change as an opportunity instead of a thread. 

Course Content & Curriculum

  • Principles of Management
  • Management Processes
  • Management Practice
  • Leadership
  • Change Management and its implementation

Course Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, students should be able to

  • Apply contemporary and classical management theories to the practice of managing organizations

  • Select and integrate management processes to effectively lead organizations in a fast-changing environment

  • Identify and implement management practices that promote equality and inclusion in a diverse organization

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