Learn and master emerging techniques in marketing.

Course on Marketing is one of the 6 mandatory common base courses which will cultivate students' knowledge and skills necessary for entry to the specialized module. This course explores the theories and practices behind effective and strategic marketing for various-sized organizations. Key topics include the theoretical grounding of marketing, marketing practices and functions, marketing across borders and cultures and emerging techniques in marketing.

Course Content

Marketing, in today's modern terms, stands and falls with customer relationships. The primary focus of the course is on finding value for the customer and satisfying their needs and wants. While the Marketing course is based on a necessary theoretical foundation, it primarily seeks to prepare students to quickly apply knowledge to practice, because as the population is dynamically transformed by the activity and arrival of new generations, so too must corporate marketers be able to respond quickly.

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What will you study?


Marketing is central to company success - and failure. This extensive Marketing course provides students with necessary theoretical knowledge, but a strong emphasis is placed also on the ability to perform marketing activities in practice. It is of utmost importance that students get a proper picture of what marketing actually is and what it is not to be able to think about the subject with the right perspective. 

At first, the basic concepts and definitions of marketing are introduced to gain basic understanding of the subject which is then further structured and developed. Students get to know the huge variety of marketing functions and their interconnectedness and complexity within the organization as well as the differences in marketing for different kinds of products / services.  

Marketing research as a method and tool for building a marketing strategy is another important part of the course. The students learn how to create a strategic marketing plan based on the results of the marketing research by determining the target market, identifying competitors and setting a marketing budget.  

Since marketing within the borders of a single country is a history in many cases – it is highly important to keep in mind the international environments affecting the marketing.  

It is not really possible to imagine marketing without marketing communications strategy - students will learn about different strategies and marketing communication tools of a company at the end of the course. 

Course Content & Curriculum

  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Marketing Functions
  • Marketing in Different Areas
  • Marketing Research
  • Data Preparation and Analysis
  • Preparation and Presentation of the Marketing Report
  • Strategic Marketing Plan
  • The International Environment

Course Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this course, students should be able to…

  • Understand the marketing process, concepts, objectives, the 5 P’s of marketing & functions
  • Assess market opportunities, and situation analysis with strengths and weaknesses 
  • Prepare the marketing report through data collection about customer needs, and competitors
  • Develop marketing strategies (Segmentation,  targeting, and positioning )
  • Build an effective marketing plan to achieve organizational objectives
  • Preparation and presentation of the marketing report

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