Minh Nguyen

Associate Professor

Minh Nguyen served as Senior System Engineer in the United States Army – Communications Electronics Research Development Engineer Center (US Army- CERDEC) at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland from 2003 to present.

Minh Nguyen served as Senior System Engineer in the United States Army – Communications Electronics Research Development Engineer Center (US Army- CERDEC) at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland from 2003 to present. He has more than fourteen years of technical and management experience in commercial and government communications systems. His areas of professional working experience include: system engineering, project management consultant, product management consultant, financial management, technical consultant, test and evaluation, IF/RF, IP networking and satellite communications, baseband, modem systems, satellite earth terminals, and satellite control systems.  He has initiated and led numerous R&D initiates in the areas of strategic planning, concept development, technology development, requirements definition, system architecture and design, system acquisition, system development, system integration, system test, acquisition and sustainment support, specialty engineering expertise in IP networking over satellites for strategic and tactical military operations.

Over the years working on different types of contract, Dr. Nguyen has assisted team leader and branch chief to conduct research, interviewing clients and new hires, meet with business stakeholders and customers. Dr. Nguyen also motivated cross-functional teams of engineers, designers, and business analysts’ to develop start of the art solution for clients. Provided researched on current and new technologies for market penetration, maturity, and opportunity for our clients. He also helped with financial budget preparations for projects and tasks, developed independent government cost estimate (IGCE) and funding portfolio to ensure proper accounting resource allocations for the contract and provided recommendations to Army Acquisition Center (ACC) for contract negotiation. Dr. Nguyen has assisted with development and administration of departmental and project budgets valued over million dollars project, compiled accounting data, include hardware, software prototype, staffing labor, travel costs, purchasing order, monthly expenses report and prepared accounting spreadsheets to ensure compliance with budget specifications, generated and presented accurate accounting records and financial reports to team leader and branch chief, coordinated with budget analyst and customer to ensure adequate money was available to award the contract, monitored the monthly billings for the project and responded to billing questions from contractors, ensuring all costs were billed on a timely basis.

Dr. Nguyen provided mentorship to junior engineers and taught courses on IP modem, basic networking, project procurement, project management for civilian deployment on the mission. Dr. Nguyen has assisted junior engineer defined goals and expectations for their career grow, shared values and job training, as well as developing the interpersonal and communication skills. Dr. Nguyen earned both of his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Master of Science in Technology Management at the same time in 2003 from Stevens Institute of Technology. Dr. Nguyen has also received his advanced engineering and management post graduate certificates in Wireless Communications and Engineering Management from Stevens Institute of Technology in 2003. In 2007, he received an MBA Degree from Florida’s Institute of Technology. In 2017, he obtained his PhD from LIGS University in Honolulu, HI with an emphasis on technical management. While pursuing at LIGs University, Dr. Nguyen also has taken elective courses in project and accounting management.  As part of his achievement while pursues his degree at LIGS University, he has published four articles related to technical project management which available on the LIGS University student publication portal. He also has been very actively engaged with the PhD research and conferences and recently has been published a conference paper on the topic of “Managing and Improving Knowledge Imbalance and Conflict in the Workplace” to participate in the Comparative European Research (CER) International Scientific Conference for PhD students of EU countries Conference Secretariat on October 30-31, 2017. In December 18, 2017, he has published a conference paper on “Six Important Factors in Break-Even Analysis Tool (BEAT) for Analyzing Profit and Loss of the Startup Business to participate in International Masaryk Conference for Ph.D. Students and Young Researchers 2017. He is working on the next paper of study the relationship of Net Promoter Score (NPS) through case studies to help organizations improve their customer service experiences.

He has received an appreciation awards from a Commanding General in support the JUICE Operation Exercise at Fort Monmouth, NJ in 2005. He also received an appreciation challenge coins from a Colonel Costa at Project Manager at Defense Communications and Army Transmission Systems for his hard work and dedication for successfully executed the baseband diversity demonstration within a schedule. Dr. Nguyen has authored several technical and management papers in the period 2003-2017 in technology management and services enhancement, project management and engineering processes. His doctoral dissertation focuses on helping Government improve bandwidth efficiency while achieving more capabilities and reduce costs on commercial bandwidth. He is looking to teach management and accounting, and financial coursework in the Academic Business Management Program such as Project Management, Strategic Management, Accounting Business Management, Managerial Accounting, Intermediate Accounting, Advanced Accounting, Linear Programming and Optimization, and also technical courses that related to Information Technology (IT) / Information System, Networking, Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), and Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP). Dr. Nguyen is interested in consulting, training, and conducting webinar on the following topics: project management, technology management, managerial accounting, principle accounting (basic, intermediate and advanced levels),  financial management, marketing, cisco technology, IP over satellite network technology and applications as well as providing subject matter expert (SME) and knowledge in specific areas such as technical management, project and account management, IP over satellite network solutions, overseeing development of technical solutions, reviewing technical documentation and technical proposal to recommend for best practice. Dr. Nguyen is a member of the National Security Space Institute (NSSI) by the Air Force Institute of Technology and a member of the Association of Independent Accounting Professionals (AIAP). Dr. Nguyen was certified with Cisco and has accessed to Certification Tracking System of the Cisco network. Dr. Nguyen is a bilingual and fluent in both English and Vietnamese.

I want my students to learn the subject being taught and apply the knowledge from class room in practical real life environment. I also wanted to have the great cooperation and interaction with the students in the class. I encourage students to ask the questions whatever they don’t know so the tutor can guide them along the process and also help me learn things that will help students become a more effective tutor. I wanted to create a learning environment where my students are not afraid by their mistakes, but rather view them as lesson learned to help them gain a better understanding and avoid making the same mistake again.

Motto: "Handwork- Paid Off"