LIGS University President's Message

Welcome to LIGS University!



LIGS University is a high quality progressive university. Our aim is to create a friendly community of hard working individuals focused on their professional and personal development. Nothing satisfies us more than when our students, faculty and employees are proud to be a part of LIGS University.

I am very honored to be the President and CEO of LIGS University. The people of LIGS - past, present and future - propel our mission through their tremendous dedication of energy, diligence, and enthusiasm. Our expectation is that together - staff and student - we encourage and foster interactions of support, respect, care and committment.

Here at LIGS you will enjoy the opportunity to work with peers from all around the world. LIGS offers its students unique features that sets it apart from other academic institutions. At LIGS, students can choose between the English and Czech languages to complete their program, we offer customizable programs of study and flexible payment options and we plan to expand our suite of options. As you work to acheive your goals of development and growth - so do we. Our administrators and staff bring unparrelled dedication to our mission of bringing our students high quality education at a reasonable price.

We know that to achieve our goals, visions, and plans, we need to work hard, and we need to continually look for new methods and solutions, we need to follow current trends in education and information technology and not be afraid to take risks. That is why we support creative minds, ideas and commitment to others, and invest our profits to the development of new systems and study materials.

William A. Reed, Ph.D
President and CEO of LIGS University



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