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President's Message

Welcome to LIGS University!


LIGS University is a high quality progressive modern university. Our aim is to create a friendly environment for people who decide to work hard on their professional and personal development. Nothing makes us happier and more satisfied than our students, lecturers, and employees being proud to be a part of LIGS University.

I am very honored to be the President and founder of LIGS University. The University as it is today is the result of the dedication that called for lots of energy, diligence, and enthusiasm of students and graduates; excellent support, care, and effort of staff and employees; passion and active involvement of many of our lecturers, partners, and other coworkers.

Currently students from all over the world study in our interactive online degree programs provided in the English and Czech language. In the upcoming years, our plan is to expand and launch new specializations and languages of instruction to make it possible to study in a university of high quality at a reasonable price for anyone who wants to learn, develop and work on their future.

We know that to achieve our goals, visions, and plans, we need to work hard, and we need to continually look for new methods and solutions, we need to follow current trends in education and information technology and not be afraid to take risks. That is why we support creative minds, ideas and commitment to others, and invest our profits to the development of new systems and study materials.

Take the opportunity to explore what LIGS University has to offer and what makes it unique. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions - we will be happy to answer all your inquiries!

I believe you will find the story of LIGS University inspiring and become a part of it - because thanks to YOU we have the chance to grow and continue to make a difference!

William A. Reed, Ph.D
President of LIGS University


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