Scientific-Research module

Content of Scientific-Research module

Milestones guiding your path while writing your dissertation thesis.

Courses are the same for all students.

Research Methodology

To feel confident on how to proceed.

This course prepares doctoral students to organize, perform and publish scholarly research appropriate for academic audiences. Key topics include formal methods of qualitative and quantitative research, developing research and empirical frameworks, the scholarly research process and academic publishing.

Dissertation Project I – Proposal

A coherent plan is a basis for your success. 

In this course, doctoral students explore subjects of personal and professional interest in order to propose a relevant and viable topic for a doctoral dissertation. Key activities include topic review and problem selection, proposed bibliography, proposed methodology and definition of key terms and concepts for the selected dissertation topic.

Dissertation Project II - Literature Review and Theoretical Background

Thorough esearch of the previous literature in your field is a crucial cornerstone on which to build a quality thesis. 

In this course, doctoral students will review relevant literature and provide the theoretical framework for their dissertation topic. Key activities include an thorough review of academic literature relevant to their topic and creation of a conceptual framework for its study.

Dissertation Project III – Methodology

Linking the theoretical foundation and the formulation of the methodology will contribute to a consistent dissertation. 

In this course, doctoral students will develop the research methodology to create a comprehensive research plan for their dissertation projects. Key topics include the application of research design to a specific scientific problem, selection of research methods and subjects, instrument design and research planning.


Project IV - Survey and Data Analysis

You won't drown in data under the guidance of our experienced faculty. 

In this course, doctoral students will perform practical research, data collection and data analysis to resolve their dissertation's problem statement. Key activities include data collection by survey, project or data acquisition, data review and analysis, and conclusions or recommendations based on findings.

Dissertation Project V - Consultation and Thesis

And your dissertation thesis becomes a reality. 


In this course doctoral students will integrate their work into a viable dissertation and present their findings.

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