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Student Council


The mission of the LIGS University Student Council is to help the students in fulfilling their academic duties and to represent students’ interests to the university stakeholders. The Student Council serves as a liaison between the students and the administration.



Student Council President: Carolina Billings

Student Council Secretary: Jiri Medlen



Student Council has 15 other councilors who represent the voice of the LIGS University student body. 


The Student Council serves as a liaison between the students and the administration. This includes:

  1. Voicing the interests of students during implementation of the strategic plan of the university; 
  2. Informing, including, and representing students in discussions about university policies, procedures, and changes proposed by the administration that directly affect the students; 
  3. Making recommendations to the Provost and President of the university regarding students’ issues and interests;
  4. Making recommendations to Faculty and administration on policies to improve the university environment;
  5. Cooperation with the Alumni Council in the areas of students’ mentoring and providing career guidance.


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