Alexandra Oravcova
Alexandra Oravcova
Executive Coordinator, President’s Office Secretary, Board of Trustees

It is not an easy task being a mother. The job is 24/7 and there is no one to send the resignation letter to. There is no time off and no extra wage for working night and weekend shifts. However, I believe it is the best job of my life. 

The second best job of my life is working at LIGS University. I loved my work before having my kids and I also love it as a mom of three. The leadership of the university is very helpful in accommodating my workload and schedule with my time options. 

I have even been able to graduate from the MBA program at LIGS University while working and giving birth to two of my kids. I don’t think I would have the courage to enroll in the MBA program if it weren’t for the vibe of our university, which is extremely supportive and friendly. I knew that I could always reach out to my study advisors or lecturers and they would help me find a solution to my problem or situation. That way I could customize my studies to give me some extra time to graduate.

I didn’t want to choose between my family, my MBA program, or my job. At LIGS University I could have it all. Setting my family aside would make me a frustrated employee, and being a stay-at-home mom would make me a miserable mom. But at LIGS University I never felt I had to choose, I just had to decide how to combine it to find the perfect balance. Being able to do my MBA program was the cherry on the top of my LIGS cake :)

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