Sydney Moyo, DBA
Dr. Sydney Moyo
Founder, Collaborating Consulting, Switzerland

I work as an organizational and management consultant in the field of organizational change and development (OCD). I am the founder of a collaborative consulting business – that works with clients at individuals, groups teams, and organizational levels to facilitate change and implement required business and management solutions.

Reflecting on my DBA management research through LIGS University, I have gained insightful learning about my organizational practice.  Specifically, the study of management research stimulated me to explore the theoretical and practical skills of conducting management research using organizational change intervention and case study methods. Reflected learning and associated applied research outcomes enabled me to address solutions to specific problems involving working with clients to identify business and organizational issues and select appropriate choice of methods to assess required interventions.  

Since management research studies are concerned with understanding and improving business and organizational effectiveness, it is also key to understand how organizational change agents such as consultants, managers, and researchers investigate their practice based on their underlying assumptions. My Doctoral Dissertation - ‘Case Study of Organizational Change and Development: Using Contextualizing and Collaborative Change Approaches’ examined organizational consulting interventions from practitioner-researcher approaches.  The contextual approach concentrates on the production of knowledge by exploring how organizational practitioners or scientists promote developmental processes in organizations informed by contextual guiding factors. Whereas the collaborative approach utilizes the production of knowledge as reflections on how organizational practitioners or scientists employ their researcher skills, theories, methods, and roles to improve management practice through change.

I loved engaging in the LIGS DBA management program and highly recommend it to current and future business and management researchers for the following reasons. First of all, the benefits of the DBA outcomes are applied research or practice-based research in focus. The program invites management or organizational researchers to explore business or organizational issues by undertaking research investigations that advance knowledge within practice. Secondly, it is engaged research or what I call intervention research. It provides opportunities for researchers to develop research that is practical, innovative, and useful for practice. Such research includes the development of practice as an integral part of its method. Finally, it provides opportunities for researchers to employ methods of inquiry for conducting research in business and management drawing from theory, research, and development of practice domains of multiple possibilities of interest.

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