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Tuition fee plans for your studies at LIGS University



Postgraduate degree

Price per credit $199
Number of credits 36
Total tuition $7,164

Payment Plans and Scholarships Available 


The highest level of management qualification.

Total tuition $8,400

Payment Plans and Scholarships Available 


The highest academic education to support a prestigious career.

Total tuition $8,400

Payment Plans and Scholarships Available 

Create a financing plan

Step 1. Estimate your costs

Calculate your monthly expenses and how much you can invest in your studies.

Evaluate whether your situation allows you to pay the tuition fees in one lump sum, thus paying the lowest amount for your studies.

Step 2. Reduce your tuition fees

Explore our scholarship and payment plan options.

Are you an expert in a field for which we have a scholarship topic? Get a discount on your tuition by writing a dissertation on that topic.

Step 3. Calculate the tuition breakdown

Plan your total tuition payment: The shorter the payment period, the more you save.

Step 4. Discuss study support options with your employer

Ask your HR department about tuition fee reimbursement options. 

Look around to see if any organizations in your area, such as churches, foundations, or government institutions, can support your studies.

Approach companies and offer your experience and development in education.

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