How Can You Improve Your Career Development?

1. 17. 2018

We spend up to one third of our lives at work and our job is one of the most significant things in our adulthood. It is therefore important that our job is fulfilling and entertaining, thereby contributing to our overall satisfaction. We all know there are only a few things more depressing than waking up in the morning knowing we have to go to work we hate!

Unfortunately, we don’t always succeed in getting our dream job, as there are many factors influencing such an outcome. Factors such as the place of residence or the economic situation of the country can be influenced only partly. On the other hand, the level of our expertise, experience and motivation depends only on us!

How to improve your career

Ask your boss to evaluate you

Evaluation from your boss is essential because it can give you an important insight regarding your work performance. Appreciate every bit of information you will receive, even though it might be a little critical. If your intention is to move up the career ladder but you’re lacking the necessary experience, cooperate with your boss and together come up with an action plan of your professional development.

Eliminate procrastination

You might think that you perform better under pressure but in fact, it’s just a way to excuse your procrastination. Procrastinating too much can be damaging to your career, so you should try to eliminate it by writing down a list of tasks, which should be finished by the end of the day. Sort them by importance and start working on the most important ones. Always follow the set deadline.

Continue your education

Don’t count too much on the knowledge you gained ten years ago. If you see yourself in an executive position, you need to invest into your personal development. Undoubtedly, studying and having a full-time job can be difficult to combine. Consider enrolling in an online degree program, which will allow you to study at your own pace without the necessity to commute anywhere. At LIGS University, you can choose from online MBAMScDBA and Ph.D. programs.

Accept the challenge

Has an opportunity to work on a project outside your expertise come up? Take it! New projects will help you expand your horizons and gain new experience. And who knows, you might realize you enjoy the new activities more than your current job, which might lead to a decision to change a career.


Networking is an excellent way to keep track of what's happening in your industry. Networking gives you valuable contacts that can lead to tempting job offers or potential contracts. Be active on LinkedIn, attend conferences, and do not avoid social gatherings. Perhaps once you become the influencer!

Create a five-year plan

How do you imagine your career in five years? Do you see yourself in an executive position or perhaps you plan to establish your own company? At this point you should realize what you want to accomplish and come up with a plan for how to achieve it. Lead all your work activities towards this goal. Remember, you can achieve almost anything when you truly believe it!

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