Interview with DBA graduate Gilbert Ng

6. 5. 2018

We are very proud to introduce you our DBA graduate Gilbert Ng, who is also our new LIGS Ambassador. Gilbert kindly agreed with this interview and we are sure we will hear more from him soon! Have a nice read!

Hello Gilbert, could you please tell us something about yourself? Can you briefly describe your career path?

I am a Malaysian, living at the south city of Malaysia which is near to Singapore. I was brought up in a traditional Chinese family where our strong family value teaching is success must come from hard work, integrity and responsibilities. These values have helped me very much in my career in the Financial Institutions and now as the John Maxwell Certified Trainer/Coach and Speaker since 2012. I have trained and coached more than ten thousand managers /directors /CEOs in South East Asia for more than ten years.

GilbertWhy did you chose to pursue your career in such area?

Well, I started my career as a banker in Malaysia’s local banks for almost twenty years, and at that time, I actually thought I would retire as a banker.

However, the Asia Financial crisis in 1998 had awaken me and made me realize that nothing is permanent in life and working in the bank was not my passion.  I had to seek my purpose in life!  It was then that I decided to quit the banking industry and joined the training industry in Vietnam in 2008. This became the turning point in my career and life; this drastic change of my career had strengthened my leadership skills and enabled me to be a trainer and coach so that l am able to help those managers who are facing with their challenges now.

At LIGS University, you obtained a DBA in HR Management. Do you think it helped your career? Why did you decide to obtain a DBA?

The decision to take up the DBA program had been on my mind for many years, but I was very busy with my travelling schedule to train and coach managers in South East Asia. This resulted in a delay for about a couple of years until I found the LIGS during one of my researches on the many online universities in 2015.

The main reason for me to obtain the DBA is because the South East Asia training industry is becoming more competitive and demanding, and l do believe that by continuously improving my knowledge in the HR field, l will be able to provide more solid and practical consultation before training and coaching intervention could be recommended to my potential clients.

My two years of learning with the LIGS University has indeed expanded my perspective and deepened my knowledge in the HR field, as well as to extend my leadership knowledge and skills.

What courses have you liked the most? Have you learnt something that you used in your practice already?

Among the eight courses that I have studied, I especially enjoy the Planning & Development HR Course. In this learning syllabus, I have gained the insight of staff motivation, performance management and personality styles. And these contents are so practical for me so l would be able to share with my clients/learners in my workshops and coaching sessions.

Why did you chose to study at LIGS University? What do you think are the benefits of online form of education?

The three reasons that make me choose the LIGS University are…

  • LIGS is accredited by the ASIC which has demonstrated its high quality of learning resources;
  • LIGS DBA program is very flexible in the learning schedule and its lecturers will not compromise with their commitment to mentor/supervise our study; and
  • LIGS has a great team to support/advice and is very committed to fulfill potential/existing students in their study/exam challenges in a very professional manner.

Online form of education has provided me with a lot of flexiblity in my study approach, it save my time and costing because i dont have to travel to Hawaii to study and at the same time LIGS never compromise its content quality and delivery to students.

Is online education getting more popular in Malaysia, or is it still a minor thing?

Of course, online education is getting more popular in Malaysia now and there are already a few local universities that are providing online MBA in the market.

Gilbert Ng

What are the biggest achievements in your career?

There are two greatest achievements in my career as a banker and as a trainer respectively.

As a banker, I received numerous Branch Awards and was also a recipient as the Best Regional Manager in 1996/97 and 2005.

While as a trainer, I secured a six year training and coaching project from the East Asia Sugar Group of Companies in Nanning, China for their Middle and Top Management Team, of which was my first million Ringgit project.                                

I also became the John Maxwell Team Certified Trainer/Coach/Speaker and up to date, l have written my first book on Leadership which is entitled “The Indubitable Leadership Principles” which will be released in April 2018.

What is the most important project/task you are facing right now?

My main focus in 2018 will be promoting my new book in Vietnam, Cambodia, China and Malaysia as this book will strengthen my marketing positioning as a Leadership Trainer and Coach in the Asia region.

What do education and personal development mean to you? Why is further education so important to you?

As a professional trainer and coach, continuous learning means we will never be stagnant in our area of expertise but will always keep up with the industry revolution, environment changes and current leadership practices.

What does your family think about your studies online?

They are very supportive and happy that I could work and study, most importantly I don’t have to leave them and travel far away to Hawaii to complete my study.

Did you find LIGS University online webinars to be useful?

Oh Yea, this is one sure thing that provided me the opportunity to interact with the lecturers/speakers live and some learning issues could be clarified with them immediately during the webinars. Fantastic mode of study!

What would you recommend to potential students of LIGS University?

Taking up LIGS online study, first you must have the self-discipline and follow your own study schedule with high commitment. Interact with your lecturers, supervisors and Study Administrator regularly and participate in the online group discussion actively. Read the online resources as much as you could, and you will find how you will learn and improve your knowledge and widen your perspective in your area of study. Time is money, come and join LIGS University now!

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

I would like to thank all of you, the professional team of LIGS and lecturers who have helped me in the two years learning journey and who have given me the support, mentoring and motivation. I am indeed very proud to be the graduate from LIGS University.

Read more about Gilbert Ng here.

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