LIGS 2020: What Surprises Do We Have For You?

1. 16. 2020

So here we are...we entered a new decade and with it a chance for a new start and to get things in our life right. We know that nothing stays the same and if you want growth, you have to move forward, even if it means taking only a little step.

At LIGS University, we are constantly thinking about how to improve our student´s experience and to bring fresh, modern content. This year, we´ll bring you new courses that will further help to grow in your career. 

You already had the chance to see the appetizer - our Cybersecurity courses with a new lecturer Dr. Tan Kian Hua. What's more to follow? 

Our lecturer Ena Fejzagic launched her course about Ethical Leadership. If you wish to know more about the course, you can contact us at

During the year, we also plan to launch new courses about Startups and Entrepreneurship, Marketing for 21st Century and Coaching, Mentoring, and Leadership, and to improve the existing ones. 

We are also working on a bigger variety of webinars our students can pick from as well as international conferences on interesting topics.

We have a feeling this year will be amazing! And what about our students? What are their goals for 2020? We asked them.

I want to finish half of my course work for the DBA program and to achieve sales growth by 50 % in my bakery business.

DBA student, Nigeria

I want to go on a trip to Europe.” DBA student, Iran

I want to move to the US, find a wife, and get a great, satisfactory job. That would be my childhood dream come true.” MBA student, United Kingdom

Do you have an idea for improvement? Share your thoughts with us at

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