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Harness the power of an advanced degree from LIGS University and improve your professional situation. LIGS University will challenge you to new performance levels and enable you to create opportunities to realize your dreams.


Learn what earning a DBA degree can do for you!


Achieve the highest academic degree. Learn more how our Ph.D. program will impact your life.

What awaits you at LIGS?

  • An opportunity to challenge yourself at the highest academic level
  • Experienced faculty ready and able to mentor and guide you on your academic journey
  • A stable and secure online learning environment that fosters respect, support and collaboration amongst all individuals

LIGS is a young, vibrant and exciting academic institution built to accomodate and support your customized program of instruction.

We specialize in personalization, academic support and professionalism.

Our culture demands that we deliver to all of our students the essentials they require to thrive in their academic program so they can release the power of their LIGS University degree.

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