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Doctoral programs

Our programs for your professional goals and dreams


Improve in your current professional life and realize the potential of education. At LIGS University, we'll push you toward higher professional performance, increased diligence and motivation, and accelerated progress toward realizing the career of your dreams.


One of the highest levels of education. In DBA programs, we make you a successful CEO.


With the highest academic qualifications, you will validate your knowledge and experience.

What awaits you at LIGS?

  • Opportunities to put industry knowledge into practice
  • A professional advantage that allows you to stand out in the market
  • Incorporating modern industry trends into your daily activities
  • Effective methods to avoid career stagnation

15 years of experience for your improvement. With us, you can profitably grow your career.

At LIGS, we’re a team of seasoned experts. For over a decade, we have been providing leading degree programs in the online education market. 

Our team of experts will provide students with the essentials for their career growth. Tutors will help students get the most out of their studies. With us, a personal approach is a matter of course. Combine academic insights and work experience while addressing current issues in your field.

Where can you find our students and alumni?

Our graduates work in middle and senior management, in the private and public sectors, in companies of all sizes and as entrepreneurs around the world.


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