LIGS University Held an Intercultural Communication Conference

9. 27. 2019

We are proud to announce that we held another conference for our students. Since we are an international university and our students come from 55 countries of the world, we decided to choose the theme Intercultural Communication in Business.   

The conference was led by Ena Fejzagic, our Adjunct Professor of International Communication and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). 

The program of the conference was divided into two parts. First was held on July, 31st and its goal was to introduce the topic to the students from a theoretical perspective. The second part was held on September, 19th. 

Our students utilized theoretical knowledge from the first part and joined forces in pairs to prepare an article and a presentation on a selected topic. The coming of together of two people from different backgrounds - be it nationality, job position, etc. - was very enriching and provided learning with an example. 

Students also learned how to communicate effectively, explored cultural identity and differences and discussed the effect identity has on doing business. 

The articles will be presented on our blog and used for making a journal on international communication that will enrich the knowledge in this field of study. We also awarded the best conference paper to Rael Lubasi and Sulaiman Eljaroubi who did an amazing job on their paper "Managing Diversity in the Workplace" as well as their presentation. They both got free access to online courses at Udemy, which will contribute to their personal growth. 

We thank all the participants of this summer´s conference and look forward to the next one at LIGS University.  


Rael Lubasi and Sulaiman Elrajoubi Managing Diversity in the Workplace Full paper
Liem Bui Quoc and Olorunfemi Eguaikhide Institutional Resistance to Managing Workplace Diversity Full paper
Ashan Sipanala and Alphajor Sall Managing Diversity in the Workplace Full paper
Jana Nemethova Managing Diversity in the Workplace Full paper
Boubakar Thombiano Managing Diversity in the Finance Ministry of Burkina Faso  Full paper
Christopher Umba and Babatunde C. Akinsola Cultural differences in leadership style  Full paper
Olukorede Adewole and Rita Leleh Managing Diversity in the Workplace: An explicit delineation of diversity, concepts, challenges and management in a workplace settings Full paper

Full version of the journal can be found here.

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