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3. 13. 2020

The world is constantly on the move. Developing. Growing. Nothing stays the same. So why not grow with it? Why not use the enormous potential we have to do something good? 



When we thought about which country we´ll introduce to you this month, we realized that there are not many countries with as big potential as Nigeria has!

And we are very proud that we can contribute to its growth by educating many students from Nigeria that can use the knowledge to make this beautiful country a better place. 

NIGERIA: the Land of Opportunities

NigeriaDid you know, that....?

  • Nigeria is building what has been described as one of the biggest construction projects in the world? Eko Atlantic is a mega-urban development project that is challenging Abu Dhabi´s or Dubai´s ambitions. 
  • Nigeria is one of the biggest African economies, however, poverty is still a major issue and there are many challenges ahead. 
  • Although the number of universities doubled in 15 years to 174, the demand for tertiary education is enormous. Only 26 % of the 10 million applicants gained admission
  • That is why many Nigerians study abroad or prefer online education, such as LIGS University, to get a quality education for their future. 

Anthonia Ajalie"Studying at LIGS was a great learning experience for me, arming me with the tools I need to help me on the job. The seminar papers have helped me improve my writing and presentations at work."

Anthonia Okpaegbe
LIGS University Ambassador and MBA graduate from Nigeria

You can read an inspiring interview with our Nigerian Ambassador here

DBA vs Ph.D.: Which Way to Go?

Sometimes we have an enormous drive to do something more, but we get stuck between choices. 

DBA vs Ph.D.: Which Way to Go?If you find yourself considering doctoral studies and do not have a clue if you should choose between DBA or Ph.D. titles, you can read our article to make a more informed choice.

You can change yourself and your community by choosing a good doctoral program.

See detailed information about our Ph.D. or DBA  programs and make a picture for yourself. 

ONLINE MARKETING: Sky Is Not the Limit


RocketThe world of artificial intelligence, data-driven marketing and voice search engine optimization (VSEO) seemed like something unattainable bordering on the ridiculous. Today, these innovative digital marketing trends are among the top priorities. 

Our DBA student Walpita Charitha Perera shares his view on the topic in the article New Trends in Digital Media & Social Media

Since March is designated as Reading Month in various parts of the world (to honor Dr. Seuss´s birthday), we decided to share a FREE e-book on the topic Developing an Internet Marketing Strategy so you can learn more about the topic of digital marketing.

PUBLIC WEBINAR: Management Functions 

Even though we do not want to stagnate and strive for change, some traditions are best to keep.

Management Functions We keep our tradition of providing access to our webinars for the public for free

This month we will cover the topic of Management Functions with our lecturer Dr. Amr Sukkar.

The webinar is held on Wednesday, 25th of March 2020, at 7 PM UTC

See the video invitation (1 min.)

Do not hesitate to join us and meet our community! 

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