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4. 15. 2020

The world has stopped but our traveling adventure continues! If you can´t travel then come explore other countries online with us!  



This time, we are learning interesting facts about Canada. As the world´s most educated country (according to OECD), it is definitely a nation that shows the importance of education for a country´s development and satisfaction of its inhabitants (Canada is the 13th most developed country based on the Human Development Index).

CANADA: The world´s leader in education 


Did you know, that....?

  • Canada is the second-largest country in the world, bigger than the European Union, and its national parks are bigger than some European countries. Wood Buffalo National Park is bigger than Switzerland. 
  • It can get very, very cold. It has the second coldest capital in the world after Moscow and in the northernmost settlement in the world - Alert, Nunavut - the temperature can come below zero even in July. 
  • The nature in Canada is amazing and the country has more lakes than the rest of the world combined. 
  • Canadians love food - there are more doughnut shops in Canada per capita than in any other country. They are famous for their maple syrup and poutine - fries with cheese and gravy. 

LIGS AND COVID-19: Special offers during the pandemic Suddenly, we are finding ourselves in a revolutionary time when experts and education officials are debating distance learning as the traditional higher-education system is now facing significant uncertainties. 

StipendiumLIGS University offers help to calm everyone´s worries.

We significantly lowered the tuition for those who are interested in applying to our programs to give everyone the chance to make the investment in their professional growth.

   We also prepared a special offer for our students so they can continue studying without worries.


Home office

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic is changing the world. We - like many others - have found ourselves in a quarantine. But that is not going to stop us from providing the best service possible for our students, lecturers and those who want to join our community of students. 

We are here for you at all times. 

What do we do to stay productive at the home office? Read our article to see how we take care of you from our homes with 5 tips to handle the home office yourself.

Because together we´ll make it. 

PUBLIC WEBINAR: Dimensions and Elements of Intercultural Communication



Why not fill your time with learning something new? 

We keep our tradition of providing access to our webinars for the public for free where you can try what studying at LIGS University looks like. 

Since it is important that we stick together not only as a family or nation but as a whole world, this month we will cover the topic of Dimensions and Elements of Intercultural Communication led by our lecturer Ena Fejzagic Livancic. 

The webinar is held on Tuesday, 21st of April 2020, at 5 PM  UTC

See the video invitation (1 min.).

Do not hesitate to join us and meet our community! 

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