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LIGS University is not just about students, but also about employees that take care of them from a beautiful island Oahu! Since life is not all about work and no fun, we decided to share our experiences from this beautiful island and give you tips if you ever come to Hawaii.

AlohaOahu is the third biggest and the most populated of the Hawaiian Islands. The state capital, Honolulu, can be found along Oahu´s southeast coast. It is most famous for its Waikiki beach and attack on Pearl Harbour on December 7, 1941, which led to the US´s formal entry into World War II.

Despite being a modern city with skyscrapers, Honolulu will captivate you for its turquoise blue water, sandy beaches and an exotic vibe.

The hub of Oahu is Waikiki, with its famous beach full of tourists. If you do not enjoy crowds you can escape the hustle and go to less frequented beaches such as Waimanalo Beach. When you visit the island´s beaches, you should always consider their diversity. Our HR & IT Specialist Lucy B. knows what she´s talking about: “There is nothing better than going to a beach after a long day in the office. I have visited over 20 of them on Oahu and each of them is different. Some are covered in white sand, some are lined with ripraps and igneous rocks. Some are dangerous due to dangerous waves, on some you can go 200 metres into the water and you will still be waist deep.”

HawaiiFirst-time visitors outside the U.S. can also be surprised by Oahu´s traffic. Traffic jams are an everyday issue:  “Being a European, it took me a while to get used to four-lane highways that are so typical in the States. Traveling is also the only option – buses are often overcrowded and you cannot count on the schedules. Americans just drive by car everywhere! You can escape the city chaos quite easily though by taking a relaxing walk in nature. That is when you experience the real Hawaii.” says our Marketing Specialist Elis.

Nature in Hawaii is everywhere and you will find so many magnificent and unique spots. Forests, craters, waterfalls, coves and many trails to discover the whole island make Oahu a tropical paradise. Diamond Head Crater Hike is among the most popular on the island. Our Admission Officer Klara made it to the top: “It is a volcanic crater that is the iconic photo spot on Oahu with a beautiful view on Honolulu. Hiking  is my most favorite thing to do in Oahu. I am also planning to do the Makapuu Lighthouse Trail that is famous because Obama, who was born in Honolulu, hiked there.

If you are interested in the life of locals, you can try visiting one of many farms and plantations on Oahu. There are many coffee plantations and macadamia nut farms that resemble a big chestnut. “On the island, you can find many macadamia nut farms, ranging from small to large ones. We visited one of the godforsaken ones, which we discovered in the deep forest. The owner was very sweet though; he told us everything about the history of growing the nuts on the island and we learned how to crack them, which was very enjoyable,” laughs Elis. Hawaii is also famous for its pineapples. “You can visit Dole Plantation where you can join a Pineapple Express Tour and see how the fruit grows and is harvested,” says Klara. No wonder the famous pineapple pizza is called Hawaii :).

Our Head of Student Services Lucy D. recommends visiting the Polynesian Cultural Center. “It is so wonderful to learn more about the Native Hawaiians, see the famous hula dancers and enjoy luau, traditional Hawaiian party.

Despite being best known for its hula dancers in iconic costumes, Native Hawaiians make only about 10% of the island’s inhabitants. Oahu is inhabited mostly by Asians, which has a great influence on local cuisine. “Who would have thought  that I would eat the best udon on Oahu! I would especially recommend going to Marukame Udon bistro to enjoy a tasty, delicious meal. It is heaven!” praises the food Lucy.

HawaiiHawaiian cuisine is a blend of  different kinds of meals originating in many countries. You can try savory pulled pork (kailua pork), tasty malasadas (a fried type of donut from Portugal), strangely looking poi paste made from crushed taro root and as a dessert, you may have a refreshing shave ice (crushed ice with a variety of flavors). Lucy B.´s favorite place is the Bubba Gump Shrimp franchise that took inspiration from the Forrest Gump movie. “I and my colleagues like to go to Bubba Gump whenever we are in Honolulu. Combination of fresh seafood and delicious Mai Tai cocktail is the perfect end of our workday.

AlohaBubba Gump Shrimp is not the only place on Oahu for movie fans. Hawaii is like a dream coming true for our Financial Manager Marek: “Not only could I see the famous Pearl Harbor, but also visit shooting locations of the TV series Lost, Jumanji 2, and my ultimate favorite Jurassic Park.” says ecstatically.

Life on Hawaii is just full of fun, oneness with nature and great food. Come see for yourself! Have a look at our PHOTO GALLERY


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