Interview with LIGS Ambassador Elvira Sarsenova

We are very proud to introduce you our new LIGS Ambassador Elvira Sarsenova. We would like to thank Elvira for taking time out of her busy schedule to provide such an inspiring interview. Have a nice read!

Hello Elvira, could you please tell us something about yourself? Can you briefly describe your career path?

I have been working in International school as a teacher and CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) coordinator in Secondary and High schools in International Baccalaureate programme since 2012. I am Diploma Programme examiner, member of IB school visiting team and workshop leader. I won “Best practice” from UNESCO APCEIU award in 2017 for creation the educational programme “Learning to live together”. I have published 2 books in collaboration with UNESCO, devoted to Global citizenship education in 2017.    

Elvira SarsenovaWhy did you choose to pursue your career in education?

Education is a powerful area to deliver valuable, critical information to set up the peaceful thoughts in young minds.  Being a teacher I can lead the young generation to be active global citizens and build tolerance future, where we all want to live. Education is my conscious choice to empower students to be stronger and to become stronger by myself.     

At LIGS University, you are currently working on your PhD degree. Could you tell us what specialization have you chosen?

I have chosen the specialization of “Project management”.

How do you think will it help you in your career? Why did you decide to obtain a PhD?

On my view, education consists of prediction (vision), planning, leading and reflection, which are the parts of project management process.  Teacher manages the educational process as a project, combining government and school needs. As a teacher I create a long-term plan (school curricula), mid-term plan (subject academic curricula) and short-term plan (lesson plan). Exploration of project management knowledge expands my understanding of  pedagogy planning and leads to achieving better results as far from the teaching and students’ sides. Generation changes fast with their world perception and needs, however, teacher needs to be on the top of that changing process understanding the nature of development process. PhD gives me academic and practical  skills to endeavor to make the learning process more balanced, practical and individual-oriented. Additionally, I think that the teacher must be a role-model for all educational process members (students, parents and colleagues), as a result, PhD gives me a chance to demonstrate my study perseverance in real action.

What courses have you liked the most so far? Have you learnt something that you used in your practice already?

I find all courses in my specialization useful and enriching each other. Ones of my favorite ones are HR marketing, where I learnt of “professional capital”, Project management course knowledge that was the base for my UNESCO programme implementation (and quite successful I would say), Team management course supported me in collaboration with my colleagues in information and task delivery and implementation (as a part of my coordination responsibility), Change management, precisely, Positive change management chapter provides me with the necessary information concerning planning of changes in educational process.  

Elvira SarsenovaWhy did you chose to study at LIGS University? What do you think about online form of education?

We always feel luck of time being teachers, so online courses in education are not the brand new activity for us. My first online education was the specialization from Arizona State University through Coursera platform, which was demanding and challenging to achieve, even online. I found LIGS University on the site of and found the promotion quite attractive and professional. The communication with the university (Thank you, Theresa and Ivana) is swift and promt, though I immediately got all information I need and made a Skype call. However, not only the informational issues made my choice for LIGS University.  I consider myself as enthusiast, responsible and high-motivated learner, and I definitely know that I take as much as I can from face-to-face or online education, so after having the long and successful experience in online learning, I see more advantages for that type of study. First of all I can study in any place in any time, for example, during my lunch time at work I am reading books  that I downloaded on my Pocket Book and highlight vital information; coming back home, I transfer that knowledge to my course research. I also find useful studying in comfort without any need for going out or meetings outside after work. Do you know there is a free access for library so you can read as many books as you want, great isn’t’ it? LIGS University establishes online seminars once a month where you could raise questions and collaborate with other students. Professor creates a presentation, lecture and open-dialogue to contribute to your studying research. I always feel special to get testimonials from university as, for example, participation in the conference, creating articles for the website, getting daily tips and professional advice. We have a string community with the students through University account where we share news, updates and have briefly chats on challenges and questions of the programmes. Last but not least reason for online education is lower cost. Teaching is respectful but not well-paid occupation, so if you want to save your money for something more important (business, for example), no doubt, take online education!

What are the biggest achievements in your career?

For the particular moment studying in PhD and sharing valuable information is the biggest achievement. My second goal is to earn the degree and got the certificate.

What is the most important project or task you are facing right now?

My PhD study supported me to get the “Best practice” award from UNESCO in planning and managing area. Titling myself as PhDs helped me to attract the public attention and make my words more valuable in the professional community. Studying change management course also contributed to the development of my brand new educational programme that I am designing now as a part of dissertation process. At the same time I am collaborating with the famous psychologist and business lady to establish educational training programme for women of all ages.

What do education and personal development mean to you? Why is further education so important to you?

Education is a key to success. As I mentioned above, I should be a role-model for my students, but nevertheless, role-model for myself. Education gives me self-confidence of what I do, and stronger my opportunities for the modern high competitive labor. We live in the society that has their own spoken or unspoken rules and study makes my voice to be heard and ideas to be valuable. I also master my critical thinking as a researcher that expands my political, educational, social perspective to the more successful, peaceful and tolerance outcome. I study to be independent and build my career according my own dreams and plans. Additionally, studying gives me possibility for professional equality in money and knowledge to avoid mistakes during work. While studying, we become unique professionals to invent brand new tools that also give as the chance to compete successfully and be on the top among others.   

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

LIGS University programme is high-challenging programme that gives you variety ways of study: from the online seminars, collaboration with the tutors to the self-paced learning and active worldwide communication with other students and colleagues. Being a PhD is a privilege that demonstrates your commitment and perseverance to your profession, and also shows you as high-motivated and balanced person. LIGS University creates you a wonderful, unique opportunity to build your career and expand your knowledge in comfort atmosphere. Professional staff offers you to deepen basic understanding (yes, basic, because after your first month of study you understand that you know nothing, comparatively to the professors) and build up a strong motivation to learn as much as you can.

Read more about Elvira here.


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