Introducing the new scholarship holder Amena Khavari

Nelson Mandela once said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. We at LIGS University truly believe that, but we also realize that not everyone has the chance to get the education he or she wants. That is why we decided to offer a fully-funded MBA scholarship to one lucky student from a developing country! Let us introduce you the lucky winner – Ms. Amena from Afghanistan.

Hello Amena, congratulations on being selected for the Scholarship for Students from Developing Countries. Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

I was born in Iran, as a refugee it was tough to go to school and benefit from education. Then we moved back to Afghanistan and I was lucky enough to go to school and then attended university beside of working to graduate in the field of Public Administration.

Overall, I have over 11 years of work experiences within different organizations. Currently, I am working as Provincial Manager in a five-year project aimed at being implemented nationwide through adopting an Early-Grade-Reading policy for the first time in history of the country. These achievements provoked me to set a clear objective for my study and career. Therefore, upon completion of my studies in U.S. I take the lead of my current job in influencing and implementing the EGR policy at national wide.

My experiences and relevant trainings enable me to get closer to my future plan which is learning good governance tools from an international perspective. It will also prepare me to effectively develop, analyze and implement relevant policies in and for my country.

What would you say is the biggest achievement in your career? And what tasks/projects are ahead of you now?

I have been engaged in efforts to paradigm shifts for social contribution, expanding culture of volunteerism, accessibility to equality and advocating for women’s rights. Getting technical knowledge through graduating from Public Administration and gaining the required experiences in various roles, mostly senior positions, have led me into the vision that women have equal roles in either developing or changing key policies.

Why did you decide to apply for the scholarship at LIGS University? Do you think it will help you in your career?

I believe MBA degree aligned with my previous education can help me be an effective manager in my work and also be an effective leader in whatever path I choose to serve in my country.

What courses are you most excited about?

Since I am working in managing and leading position, project management course will foster my skills and help me be an effective team player and manager in my life.

What is the state of online education in Afghanistan?

As the education system is getting better, I am thinking online education system will not be overlooked in the future, because lots of people will be interested in doing online degree since most of people cannot abandon their job due to economic and financial problems.

What do you think are the advantages of online education?

Since most of countries do not issue visa for Afghans and since most of us have financial constraints in traveling to foreign countries and since studying face to face can take much of time and efforts, online education can help achieve these obstacles and still get the same education and still be employed.

Are you not worried about working and studying at the same time? What will your strategy be?

It’s true that studying and working at the same time will take much effort and energy. I will delegate most of my work in the office during intense sessions of working in order to be able to get support from my colleagues to be able to focus more in my time. Also, I will get support from my mother and sister in helping me focus on my study to be able to hopefully finish my master degree.

Any final comments that you would like to share with us?

I would like to thank LIGS university for the support and kindly appreciate each and every one’s support on giving me this chance to try getting a master degree


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