Key Account Management

Acquire skills necessary to maximize your profit and returns.

Managing marketing and sales processes? The knowledge, techniques, and skills you get in the Key Account Management course will guide you in steps on how to boost your company’s revenue. You will become familiar with prioritizing and categorizing your client accounts and will excel in helping both sides of the business achieve maximum returns. 

Course Objectives

The goal of the Key Account Management is to provide students with comprehensive knowledge of the company-client relationship and mutual benefits that both sides can achieve while working in tandem. The students will learn how to generate reoccurring and new business from your existing customers, how to grow the account, and how to immerse deeper into what the client needs while providing additional values and services to the company.

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What will you study?

Key Account Management

Key Account Management (KAM) is a continuation of the natural development of marketing, market segmentation and change of corporate orientation from sales to marketing, and customer service.

Terms such as Key Customer Relationship Management (KCRM) and KAM are key to accessing key customers and refer to an evolving methodology of procedures aimed at creating long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships between the company and its customers.

The Key Account Management course introduces students to the way this approach is applied. The purpose is to understand the benefits of KAM for the company and its customers.

The aim of the subject is to get a comprehensive idea of ​​the reasons and the way of introducing KAM in the company. Students will understand what the need arises and what is the point of introducing and subsequently developing the relationship management with key customers and what changes this process raises.  

Course Content & Curriculum

The aim of this course is to increase your chances of obtaining more sales and greater revenue success from your existing clients. You will learn about the reasons, benefits, and risks of applying the KAM issues to the corporate environment. To achieve the favourable outcomes, you will learn how to:

  • introduce the KAM model into entrepreneurship or position KAM within a company
  • conduct reasons, benefits, and risks of KAM
  • introduce new and effective sales methods
  • run a decision-making process within organizations and those of the key clients
  • work with your portfolio/accounts, identify the right and key clients, build and develop relationships within the portfolio of important clients and create and maintain long-term partnerships with them
  • implement the KAM competency model
  • perceive product value by key clients
  • address the changes in organizational purchasing behaviour
  • manage communication and sales procedures
  • constructively use your time and energy put into relevant activities
  • communicate effectively with your clients
  • plan with your accounts by working on your and their business goals
  • proactively categorize and prioritize your accounts
  • apply the 80/20 principle to the accounts
  • support various options from the technical point of view
  • ask for referrals to new leads

Course Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this course, students should be able to…

  • Understand and apply the fundamentals of effective selling and account management in B2B environments
  • Understand the value of selling solutions and analyze customer needs
  • Improve specific selling skills required throughout the customer buying process
  • Discover how to identify and analyze critical accounts in a business
  • Provide dynamic ongoing customer care, communication, and support versus transactional thinking
  • Develop and manage long-standing, lucrative customer relationships
  • Define the business and organizational benefits and value of a key account management approach
  • Develop selling strategies for key accounts and high-profile customers
  • Develop a customer development strategy plan

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