New Publications of Dr. Amr Sukkar

LIGS University is truly a hub of sharp minds and we are glad every time we can present the success of one of our lecturers. 

Dr. Amr Sukkar, our Adjunct Professor of Management and Leadership, is one of those renaissance men whose expertise spans a significant number of subjects. 

He is currently focusing on new trends in business and management. One of the results of his efforts are the recent publications in the field of sustainability and green business, as well as corporate governance. 

BookDr. Sukkar´s new book, Sustainability Leader in a Green Business Era: A Middle East Perspective, deals with the principles and practices that lead to sustainable and positive leadership within SME.

It also provides a step-by-step approach for the attributes of leaders who can run an SME and who have a predisposition to focus on environmental and resource sustainability.

Dr. Sukkar explains the required skills to sustain business and the environment in order to be prepared for the challenges and opportunities of today’s world and enjoy a successful life. 

His work has also been published in the Journal of Social Communication. It deals with Communication and Governance Challenges in African SMEs. The article can be found here. It is dealing with the move away from a policy that restrains and restricts state activity, to that which strengthens and enables capacity for growth and thus is a very important contribution to the knowledge of development in Africa. 


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