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Reaching the top is often easier than making a decision to hit the road. For my trip, I packed the MBA study at LIGS University into my imaginative backpack. My study-pilgrimage to the prestigious MBA degree lasted for two years. It was not always a ‘Two Years‘ Vacation,’ but it was an effectively utilized period where I lived in a fascinating symbiosis of existing professional experience and gained theoretical knowledge that opened up possibilities to put their application into practice.

Adriana Opatova

A quality education requires sufficient motivation and a focus on future personal development. When I was thinking about which study path to take, it was important for me to be able to intergrade my professional life with my life as a student. I did not want to have to spend copious amounts of time studying theorems and definitions. I wanted an excellent study program that would help me to deepen my knowledge of management skills, most notably strategic management. The offer of management training programs is rich. Each study provider is unique in some way. LIGS University caught my attention, at first sight, thanks to having international accreditation, a full range of majors and a solid foundation of lecturers who were and still are working professional leaders. What was the decisive factor in making my choice? LIGS University was the only institute that after completing the first non-obligation information form offered a personal meeting with their managing partner Mr. Makovský, at which time I was presented with both the pros and cons of their study programs.

During my studies at LIGS, I was very pleased with their highly professional individual approach.   This reaffirmed my belief that LIGS University is not just a MBA degree product seller, but is also a university that focuses on the needs and interests of its students, willing to adapt, but not tolerating carelessness in studies at the same time. LIGS University cares about students‘ satisfaction. This is mostly because our university focuses on giving students the ability to apply their newly acquired experience as much as possible. My studies were focused on practical issues and dealt with real case studies. Thanks to teamwork, we were enriched by the experience of other colleagues and students who came from different fields. An example of an interesting teaching subject for me was Management Etiquette in which I learned not only the principles of social etiquette but also the international business and diplomatic protocol. Banking increased my literacy in the field of finance and investment. The subject focused on the need to have the right presentation and communication skills, which was also helpful to my development. It was very beneficial for me to present special topics in front of people from various fields in an entertaining way. I have to admit that the knowledge that I gained from these and other subjects have added a significant value to me.

If you also ever felt that it was not possible to combine the theoretical foundation with professional practice, you were wrong. At LIGS University, they convinced me that the theory could be used in both my personal and professional life. A well-balanced ratio of self-study, seminar papers, along with theoretical and practical exercises assured me that it was possible to raise my educational foundation, even while managing a heavy workload. None of the subjects were a waste of time. Even the seemingly ‘useless and banal’ scope of managerial education was exceptionally beneficial for my professional and personal development. The contacts I gained are another essential and truly valuable benefit.

LIGS University has excellently organized tutorials in a very friendly and well-equipped environment. The professional approach of LIGS’s highly expert collaborators demonstrated to me that the lecturers had a substantial moral, pedagogic and social standard. These are the determining factors for my endorsement of the educational programs at LIGS to anyone who aims to connect professional practice with their own experience and have a desire to grow.

Author: Adriana Opatová, Executive MBA graduate at LIGS University 


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