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2. 14. 2020

Another month, another trip. This month, we explored Papua New Guinea, made an interview about Business Ethics, and much more. 

Let´s stop for a moment and give a thought about the role of traveling in modern culture

It has become a part of our social status and public image. People from ancient civilizations certainly did not care whether they visited foreign places or not. Nowadays it makes you “cool” if you post pictures from foreign lands on social media. We can argue whether it´s good or bad, but one thing is certain - we have a bigger opportunity to explore foreign lands and cultures than ever before. 

Where would you go if you wanted to visit a country which is one of the least explored and at the same time the most culturally diverse on Earth? The answer is...


Did you know, that Papua New Guinea...PAPUA NEW GUINEA

  • is one of the most culturally diverse countries with over 800 languages and over 1,000 distinct ethnic groups?
  • is located on the island of New Guinea which is shared with Indonesia?
  • has a tropical climate and snow in the highest mountains at the same time? 
  • might soon divide into two countries? An island group Bougainville held a referendum on independence in December 2019 with the result of 98 % pro becoming an independent state.



Intercultural conference

Papua New Guinea is only one example of how different cultures coexist. In the globalized world, we clash with them all the time. 

In order to succeed in business, we have to learn how to understand and appreciate different backgrounds, and values and communicate effectively with people from all over the world. 

That is why LIGS University held an International Conference on Intercultural Communication and created its first journal on this topic! 

You can see the hard work of our students here.




Ena Fejzagic

Taking into account the cultural differences is only a fraction of a new business approach called Business Ethics. Being an ethical leader and a company has a large impact on a company's reputation. 

To explore more on this topic, read an interview Role of Ethics in Business with our lecturer Ena Fejzagic. 

Ethical Leadership is one of the NEW SPECIALIZATIONS at LIGS University that we prepared in cooperation with Mrs. Fejzagic. You can learn more about it here

Bringing you new content and specializations is part of our 2020 plan. What else is coming?



Sell your skills

It is clear that companies nowadays go to great lengths to be attractive to their customers and employees.

But sometimes it is your turn to present yourself to the companies. How to make a great first impression with CV? We share some tips with you.

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