Data Science

Join the wave of digitalization, revamp your work with modern systems and technologies

Innovative workflows, digitally supported operation excellence schemes, and behavior changes are making the digital business sphere increasingly accessible. With a course on Data Science, you'll become able to grow your business with a new sense of economic wisdom and a renewed grasp of digitalization.

Course Objectives

Information Technology has become an integral part of our lives. With the help of our course on Data Science, you will holistically approach modern business advancements by uncovering pitfalls of financial and security sectors and learning to classify your data and your decisions. This course will allow you to develop the skills necessary for becoming a highly sought-after data professional.

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What will you study?

Data Science

The online course on data science offered by LIGS University is a one-stop-shop for all your data science learning needs. It offers you complete guidance and tutorial with downloadable resources and a hands-on learning experience. 

This course takes you through all the important modules that you need to know about, including machine learning and programming languages. It also teaches important concepts such as data acquisition, data mining, data processing, and data analysis. 

This course is designed keeping in mind the current industry trends and skills required to become a successful data scientist. When you enroll in this course, you will receive one-to-one support from our instructors and a practical-based learning experience.

Data science encompasses a set of principles, problem definitions, algorithms, and processes for extracting non-obvious and useful patterns from large data sets. Many of the elements of data science have been developed in related fields such as machine learning and data mining.

The course will focus on breadth and present the topics briefly instead of focusing on a single topic in depth. This will give you the opportunity to sample and apply the basic techniques of data science.

Course Content & Curriculum

LIGS data science syllabus includes a comprehensive curriculum, which is designed on the basis of what most industries want from data science professionals. The data science syllabus is suitable for beginners, working professionals, or someone who wants to switch over to a career in data science. 

There are six key modules, which are further divided into nine lessons. These lessons cover a wide range of subjects – programming language, statistical tools, algorithms, and machine learning.

  • Module 1: Python
  • Module 2: R
  • Module 3: Statistics
  • Module 4: Inferential statistics
  • Module 5: Regression and Anova
  • Module 6: Exploratory data analysis
  • Module 7: Supervised machine learning
  • Module 8: Tableau
  • Module 9: Machine learning on the cloud

Course Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this course, students should be able to…

  • Obtain, clean/process, and transform data
  • Analyze and interpret data using an ethically responsible approach
  • Use appropriate models of analysis, assess the quality of input, derive insight from results, and investigate potential issues 
  • Apply computing theory, languages, and algorithms, as well as mathematical and statistical models, and the principles of optimization to appropriately formulate and use data analyses 
  • Formulate and use appropriate models of data analysis to solve hidden solutions to business-related challenges
  • Perform well in a group
  • Interpret data findings effectively to any audience, orally, visually, and in written formats

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